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Study On Legal Organizational Form Of Venture Capital

Posted on:2004-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Venture Capital is the important way that realizes the scientific andtechnical result transforming to realistic productivity and promotes thedevelopment of high scientific and technological industry, This has alreadybeen verified by the successful practice of a lot of countries.In recentyears, the important function of Venture Capital has already broughtcompatriot's attention gradually. Especially, our country is lower than thewestern developed country greatly in scientific and technical resultconversion ratio and Hi-Tech industrialization level, So developing VentureCapital have important meaning very energetically. This has already becomeunanimous suggestion of the whole society including government, scholar,enterprise, media, etc. Say development of Venture Capita industry of ourcountry also faces a lot of difficulties and obstacles objectively .It mustovercome and dispel the difficulty and obstacle one by one to enable VentureCapita to give play to their due functions in our country. From the point of view of organization system of the law, Existingenterprise legal organizational form in our country is unsuitable for theoperating need of Venture Capital. Lacking a scientific one, rational legalorganizational form restrict of our country sound development of VentureCapital industry seriously. Whether it has determined Venture Capital toa great extent to succeed or not So, So innovation of our country existingenterprise legal organization system is essential and urgent. This thesischoose the legal organizational form of Venture Capital as the researchobject, having a deep analysis and study on common several legalorganizational form of Venture Capital in the world, probing most suitable 1legal organizational form of Venture Capital. Author analyses the reasonthat limited partnership become main legal origin of organizational formof Venture Capital. These will offer helpful reference for the introductionof limited partnership and the enterprise legal innovation of organizationsystem to develop Venture capital industry of our country. Furthermore ,the thesis combine concrete national conditions of our country to givegood advice to how to introduce limited partnership to carry on enterpriselegal innovation of organization system . This text divide into five chapter altogether, because Venture Capitalhave heavy difference very with traditional investment, So chapter one makea brief introduction at first about basic theories of Venture Capital. Forinstance the concept, characteristic, subject, operation mechanism,supporting system, etc. Because the analysis to the relation of investorand Venture Capitalist is the prerequisite to study the legal organizationalform of Venture Capital, So, this text discusses this question in the specialtopic of chapter two. This text comes to describe this question fromnecessity analysis, cost analysis and risk analysis. Author introduces threecommon legal organizational form like limited partnership, company and trustfund system separately in chapter three and draws lessons from the view ofeconomics from setting up cost, Operation cost, run efficiency, agentcontrol, financing efficiency, etc. five respects through deep analysis andcompare of organizational form these three common legal organizational form ,Drawing a conclusion logically that limited partnership system to be thebest legal organizational form of Venture Capital. Chapter four does abrief introduction on the present state of development of Venture Capitalin our country at first, then analyses the defect of legal organizationalform that can adopt at present in our country emphatically, at last putsforward a short time and long-term countermeasure. In the last chapter ofthe thesis, author analyses how to innovate legal organizational form ofVenture Capital and how to set up limited partnership system in our country,and put forward some one's own views and suggestions on several...
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