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The Laws Of The Organizational Forms Of Venture Capital Firms, Design - China And The United States Comparative Analysis

Posted on:2002-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360095452848Subject:Political economy
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The identification of an economic growth phase needs absolutely the selection of a set of proper standards .If we use Chenery's standards, we will, taking a country as a basic unit, make a macro-comparison. By comparison, we think that China's economic development, on the whole, is in the stage of rapid growth in industrialization. Obviously, furtherance of China's industrialization must gear with the growing new economic; and this industrialization has to bear the characteristics of the new economic.To achieve this goal, we have to face the challenge of promoting China's industrial setup adjustment and industrial escalation. Both economic growth and structural adjustment must be pushed by system creation and science-technology innovation. However, without the proper financial support system, we will have no way to turn the fruits of science-technology innovation into productivity. Comparing the different financial support system we may choose, we draw the conclusion that it is the venture capital system that fulfills the monetary needs of science-technology innovation.But venture capitals in different countries have different operational patterns. Through the comparison, we realize that American model is the proper way for us to utilize for reference. Venture capital is one of the most important symbols of the new economy in America. We use the tech-economic paradigm to analyze the process of the new economic. On that basis, we have come to the conclusion that the legal design of the venture capital enterprises' organization structure is a bridge which joins the technique structure and the performance of economy together.After the analysis above, we introduce the Uniform Partnership Act, the Uniform Limited Partnership and the changing patterns. With the economic analysis of the venture capital enterprises' organization structure, we provide the evidence in theory which can prove the advantages of the legal design in America. In the end, we analyze the problems that exist in the patterns of organization structure that Chinese venture capital enterprises may choose and give our suggestions on how to improve this condition.
Keywords/Search Tags:Venture Capital Enterprise, Tech-economic Paradigm, Limited Partnership
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