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The Credit Risk Of The Sichuan Branch Of JS Bank And The Researches For The Credit Risk Management

Posted on:2005-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Risk management is the core work of the commercial bank. The credit risk is especially the most common risk of the commercial bank. After China joined in the WTO, the internal commercial bank will face the challenge of the western commercial bank and the more sophisticated client group. The credit risk management becomes more and more important. The advanced credit risk management will play an important role for the commercial bank,development.The dissertation, study object is Sichuan branch of JS bank. In the first, the author analyses the management meaning of credit risk management, discussing the system risk outside the bank and the management risk inside the bank. Then the author comprehensively analyses and studies the credit risk management system of the Sichuan branch of JS bank, indicating the defaults of the system. Because China joined the WTO,the author introduces some most popular credit risk models in western country. The author studies the situation of credit risk management practice in the Sichuan branch of JS bank using the SWOT analysis, putting forward the existing problems in its system, analyzing the main factors influencing the credit management and the cause of credit management problem. After the above analyses, the author comprehensively uses the knowledge of management information system and corporate governance. Based on the theory of Global Risk Management, the solutions include as follows:(1) Building the comprehensive appraise system;(2) Combining the advanced experiences of the western commercial bank and the internal bank,s practical thing in order to constitute the credit culture of Chinese characteristics;(3) Carrying out global risk management,complying with the new trend of the world risk management development;(4) Building up competition advantage. The search has practical value with combing the modern experiences of western country and practices internal, and some productions will play an active part in the credit risk management of commercial banks for building their competitive advantages.The part of search productions has been used in practice works. The results will be referred to directing the construction of the credit risk management of the other commercial bank internal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Credit risk management, Global risk management, Corporate governance, Commercial bank
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