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The Impact On Enterprise's Appraisal Of Information Outside Forms

Posted on:2005-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125452974Subject:Corporate Finance
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The financial statemant was once all contents of the financial report , but with the economic development , progress of science and technology, the financial statemant can't already reflect the overall qualities of an enterprise completely . Its limitation shows(l) The report form is only a kind of unified , regular information, can't reflect the alternative of the accounting policy and elaboration of the important project ;(2)It is difficult to make intact appraisal on enterprise's financial situation, because the report form relies mainly on the fact that the ration is announced , the ones that lack and help the user to understand determine the nature to announce ; (3)The report form only lacks and carries on the materials that science predicted to the futufe to the reflection of the fact in the past; (4) Can't reflect the social benefits of enterprises and ecological benefits , such as the community responsibility of enterprises, administration of the environment of enterprises ,etc. And can just remedy the defect above financial statemant by way of its flexible disclosure , abundant amount of information of information outside the form, the information of the form is paid attention to by people day by day too.This text attempts through studying forms the appraisal on enterprises of the disclosure of information is influenced , to explain the importance in the financial report of information outside forms; It pass it is information announcing outside his-and-hers watches and not outside form inside and outside disclosure of information current situation because research, put forward the improvement measure of disclosure of information outside the his-and-hers watches.This literary grace comes to explain the impact on enterprise's appraisal of information outside forms by way of case study, divided into six parts altogether.Fist part, It is the research background of this text and meaning of research.Second part, Through explaining on instance of the annual newspaper of Dingtian Technologies that the disclosure of information is essential to enterprise's appraisal outside forms.The third part ,Use people 3 study the information present status and quality outside the analytical table from government , listed company , report form, the information position is on the low side outside drawing forms, the conclusion of low quality.The fourth part ,Inside , external factor of disclosure of information outside aiming at studying and probing into the form of our country of influence.The fifth part, Have explained the content of disclosure of information outside forms. The sixth part It is mainly on the basis of the thing that five the first parts are analysed, the disclosure of information puts forward several suggestions to perfecting forms.
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