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The Empirical Study On The Capital Structure Influential Factors Of Corporation Being On The Market

Posted on:2005-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F XiaFull Text:PDF
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Resorting to the western capital structure theory and reference of latest research achievements in China , this thesis offers empirical analysis study of the capital structure influential factor of corporation .The object of research is capital structure of corporation being on the market and the aim is achieving at the general conclusion on the mainly influential factor and as guidance to corporations'optimizing capital structure.First the thesis introduces the capital structure theory and the research achievements ( correlationdocument) of concerned capital structure of our country and the west .Second it analyses capital structure present situation of corporation gone on the market in our country including in capital structure's and capital stock's character of corporation and discusses the unreasonable aspects. Then , It is concerned the empirical proof analysis on the influential factor to being gone on the market in our country . Through three aspects' analysis that has representative, the paper arrives at and explains the general conclusion of the major influencial factor of corporation capital structure . Based on this ,the thesis puts forword the optimized policy suggestion of corporation capital structure on the market .At last,the thesis suggests to improve the unreasonable conditions of corporation capital structure through optimizing a strand power structure , developing and perfecting bond market, standarding the action of stock market.
Keywords/Search Tags:the capital structure, the corporation being on the market, influential factor, optimize, the empirical study
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