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Research On The Investment Style Of Chinese Mutual Funds

Posted on:2005-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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While giving a brief account of securities investment funds, this article uses theories and practices to analyze the problems related to it in order to propose systematic analyzing methods and practicing suggestion for the market participants.On the theory level, this article points out the investment style of the mutual funds is the difference of the funds when it tries to adjust to the market situation and satisfy the investors' partialities in the process of constructing the portfolio. It origins from the investor's investing idea and strategy. Since it leads to the funds operation on the securities market and also affects the managing results and dealing price of the funds, it affects the securities market itself. Based on this, this article discusses the affecting factors of the style forming of the securities funds from the theory origin: the systematic games analyzing of the securities funds behavior, the character of the broker and decision maker of the securities investment funds, and the investing strategy of Behavior Financing.On the practical level, the investment style of Chinese mutual funds covers three time phrases. There're real reasons for the difference of the appearance of the investing style and that set in fund contracts, thus it's necessary for us to evaluate the style. This essay proposes the method based on the data and argues it with the investing combination of 10 typical sample funds in the analysis period .It uses the standards of average gaining index, standard deviation and Sharp index to count and evaluate and it shows that during the sample period, it's reasonable to adopt the high-centered, aggressive style.
Keywords/Search Tags:mutual funds, investment style, discuss theoretically, assessing methods, performance comparison.
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