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Theoretical Analysis On The Criminal Witness Testimony

Posted on:2005-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The system of China's criminal witness testimony is not a well-organized one, especially in the protection of witness's rights, there's almost a blank space. Though on legislation witness's duties are established, it still seems obscure somehow. The thesis comes directly to the point with materialism, combined with the theories of relative subjects, and forms some fresh viewpoints to the analysis on the theories of criminal witness testimony, Thus, we could see a new path to the theoretical research. The key to objecting power's abusing and forming an effective restriction is protecting rights from damaging. Giving the investigation of China's present case of criminal witness testimony, the founding of a fair and reasonable system is vital and essential. From the starting point of comparison of laws, according to some mature systems in foreign countries, the tendency of criminal witness testimony legislation should draw towards efficiency as well as justice. Meanwhile, it should get a balance between them. But it doesn't mean the items will always be equally divided by those two sides, either's order on the aspect of legislative value varies with the needs of the society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Criminal Litigation, Criminal Witness, Witness Giving Testimony
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