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Research On The Role Of Macro Economic Control By China's "Government Procurement Law"

Posted on:2005-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125970852Subject:Economic Law
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International government procurement system is established with the globalization process of world economy and trade, reflecting the level of development of world economy. Government procurement system, in the same way, is also the inevitable trend for normalizing China's market economy, strengthening financial expenditure management, improving national economy and administering the country according to law.Government procurement, also called public procurement, refers to the commonly occurring action that various levels of government and the associated entities take, through the form of calling for bid and under financial monitoring, to procure commodities and services for the government and its departments from market home and abroad, in order to offer public products and services and meet its own needs. It is an important component of the public finance, and a necessary measure for the government to regulate and control the macro-economy. Its main features are the public nature of the capital resource, the specificity of the procurement performer, the non-commercial nature of the procurement activity, the diverse and political nature of the procured objects.The international organization and regulation about government procurement include: World Trade Organization and its "Agreement on Government Procurement", the UN Trade Law Committee and its "Model Rules for Goods, Projects and Services Procurement by the Trade Committee", World Bank and its "Procurement Guidance from World Bank", APEC and its "Non-obligatory Principles of Government Procurement", etc. The above established norms and experiences will play a good directive role during the development process of China's government procurement system.The legislative aims of China's "Government Procurement Law" are to regulate the government procurement behavior, to improve the effectiveness of the use of government procurement capital, to maintain national interest and thesocial public interest, to protect the legal interest of the procurement performer and to facilitate the anticorruption campaign. The fundamental principles of China's "Government Procurement Law" are Public Transparency, Fair Competition, Fair and Just, and Honesty and Credibility. The strategic objectives of China's "Government Procurement Law" are to protect national industries, to improve employment, to undertake industrial policies, to protect environment, and to help the development of the underdeveloped areas. Therefore, China's "Government Procurement Law" is one of the most effective measures to regulate and control the macro-economy.At present, the key to perfect China's "Government Procure Law" is to clear misunderstanding, to speed up the establishment of associated rules and regulations and to focus the basic issues. It mainly includes the following aspects: 1) gradually extend the affected area of "Government Procurement Law" and increase the influence of government procurement on macro-economy; 2) enact the specific measures for the "Government Procure Law" to regulate and control the macro-economy; 3) designate new responsibilities to the financial government, manage the national capital of the administrative offices and public facilities and implement the renewed regulative role of the government procurement on the macro-economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Macro-regulation and Control, Public Finance, Government Procurement
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