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A Research On The Competitive Strategy Of China's International Shipping Enterprises

Posted on:2005-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152455915Subject:International Trade
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China is one of the big shipping countries all over the world, and the international shipping industry has extremely important function to the development of the national economy and foreign trade. The economic globalization, liberalization of trade have aggravated the global competition; entering WTO makes more foreign shipping enterprises flock into China; the shipping market competition has already been turned from traditional price-oriented competition to the competition in which price and service is regard as equally importance, from competition among single enterprises to the competition among enterprise's associations. Shipping maximization, application of the logistics information technology and alliance cooperation nowadays has become the major competitive thought of the international shipping industry. In the face of more complicated external environment and stronger rivals, if an international shipping enterprise wants to place oneself in an invincible position in the competition, instead of passive adaptation the situation, it should optimize the structure of external environment condition and market competition through the strategic behavior voluntarily, train and improve enterprise's key ability, and finally realize the break-through in essence of enterprises. This text is analysis and research of competitive strategy that is directed against China international shipping enterprise.The first part carries on research to global international shipping situation and the whole states of China's international shipping market and enterprises development. Its purpose lies in holding general external environment and competition situation in which the shipping enterprises of our country are from angle of macroscopic, so that it can offer the preliminary basis for enterprises carrying on the competition strategic choice. The second part introduces Michael Porter's " five kinds of competitive strength models " in order to distinguish the most key competitive strength in the international shipping industry of our country on the basis of holding trade competition structure accurately, and then by the analysis of several kinds of main competitive strategies in the present international shipping market, to find out the competition characteristic of the international shipping industry, based on which to show the cooperative competitive strategy is the important strategic choices of the international shipping enterprises of our country. The third part carries on theoretical research to the cooperative mode of international shipping. According to the latest enterprise's cooperative theory and view, it divides the cooperative modes of international shipping enterprises into " vertical cooperation " and " horizontal cooperation ", and emphatically analyzes and compares three kinds of modes of " horizontal cooperation ". In addition, this part also carries on the discussion tohow international enterprises set up the cooperative relationship and key problem that should notice in this process, which offer the thinking for implementing this kind of strategic management method in enterprises. The fourth part proceeds from angle of the real example, taking Cosco as an example, to delineate the strategic frame that concrete enterprises implement shipping cooperation, put forward the choosing steps of cooperative partners including how to compare with and select a concrete cooperative partner, and finally provide the implementation procedure of cooperative strategy. This part is to proceed with micro angle and hold concrete conditions and detail that should be concerned in actual operation of specific enterprise, thus offer beneficial reference for the fact that other international shipping enterprises in our country launch shipping cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:International shipping, Competitive Strategy, Economies of Scale, International Shipping Cooperation
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