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The Analysis On Competitive Advantage Of International Shipping Center Of Shanghai

Posted on:2004-04-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095960554Subject:Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
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Based on the achievements of the previous studies,. this dissertation describes the present rusult of the theoretic researches on Harbor & Navigation economy system during the course of the constriction of International Shipping Center of Shanghai . Aimed at the research goal, combinational theory of competitive advantage is developed in this dissertation. Which combines the theory of common competitive advantage combines the conglomerate economy, regional advantage and other concerned theories to analyze domino effect of finance, trade and economy caused by Harbor & Navigation industry in the center city; The advantage theory of balanced game, which mainly studies how to achieve an effective result of balanced game among every parties, puts more emphasis on the research of collaboration and negotiation that have collective advantage to analyze the relationship between competition and collaboration among different harbor owners under different operating circumstances; The advantage theory of the reciprocal development of the harbor and the ambient area is an important paresis, not only can it accomplish its own development goal but can also offer some developing opportunities for its counterparts and the two will endeavor together to construct the International Shipping Center.On the basis of the theory researches, the combinational theory of competitive advantage mentioned above has been applied to the construction of the International Shipping Center. It has acquired some satisfactory effects, and some clues for solving problems has been put forward. In addition, an appraisal index system has been set up and been used to compare with the harbors in neighboring countries. Furthermore, the method of SWOT has been used to analyze and appraise the competitive advantage of the International Shipping Center of Shanghai. The result shows that although it has some disadvantages, it also has certain competitive advantages, such as the reorientation and the satisfactory relation between competition and collaboration of the combined harbors. Through the research on the present condition of these two competitive advantages, the direction and the construction emphasis of the sustainable development of future competitive advantages can be provided.At last, this dissertation analyzes the strategic measures and steps to promote the competitive advantages of the International Shipping Center of Shanghai. On the basis of the present competitive advantages, easily operative strategic measures must betaken and coherent development steps must be laid out to eliminate the disadvantages and promote the advantages. These measures mainly include: the strategic measures for the harbor enterprises to promote their competitive advantage, the running mode of logistics of Harbor & Navigation Industry and the strategy to better develop the competitive advantage, the strategy concerned with market exploitation, the strategy with flexible management and the strategy of sustainable development. The strategy are primarily divided into 3 steps: before 2005, from 2005 to 2010, from 2010 to 2020 and the goals planning to be achieved during every corresponding stage.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Shipping Center, competitive advantage, balanced game, theory
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