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Study On Management And Early Warning System Of Enterprise Financial Risk

Posted on:2005-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N S ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152468634Subject:Business management
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This paper defines financial risk,sets up a systematic analysis framework of enterprise financial risk management,including the analysis framework of financial risk deriving&conducting mechanism ,the double-layer & multi-dimention analysis pattern of causes of financial risk,the analysis framework of strategy and technique system of controling financial risk,meanwhile,takes a systematic review of relative theories and viewpoints of enterprise financial risk management ,based on summarizing enterprise financial risk management theories and methods in home and abroad, by means of using system theory and control theory.According to the double-layer & multi-dimention analysis pattern of causes of financial risk,this paper takes a in-depth and thorough analysis on enterprise fanancial risk-causing factors and causes. In the aspect of the analysis of external environmental risk-causing factors ,this paper points out that in the new economy era and with China's entry to WTO ,financial risk management encounters new great challenges,and deeply studies the possible risk-causing factors and causes.In the aspect of the analysis of internal management risk-causing factors ,this paper brings property right structure and corporate governance into the analysis of risk causes as important factors,and concludes that the double agent relation is the crucial systematic root of financial risk in the condition of the informational asymmetries among the managers and stockholders,points out that establishing financial risk early warning system and releasing adequate and clear information is the first way to effectively curb risks caused by the double agent relation.Also the paper analyses the risk causes and risk-causing factors in the aspects of financing ,capital operation, capital callback and profit distributing .Based on the research on the essence and causes of financial risk,the paper reviews current analytic methods of financial risk,brings forward that the compositive financial analytic method which is based on enterprise operating performance and combines the methods of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis with a compound index setup made up of mostly financial indexes and non-financial indexes should be applied to financial analysis .As a certain solution to financial risk management,the paper studies the financial risk early warning system including its concept ,structure and functions ,establishes two models of short term and long term respectively.Also the paper gives the system analysis and program design of the supporting software of financial risk early warning system according to the software engineering theory .
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial Risk, Risk Management, Control, Early Warning System
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