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On The Present Situation And Countermeasures Of Chinese Administrative Supervision

Posted on:2006-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W D LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152491434Subject:Political Theory
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The research object of this thesis, which demarcates the textual range of research, is administrative supervision at present in China. As we know, administrative supervision is one of the important parts of national administrative supervision system, and it is also the important part of modern administration. Moreover, administrative supervision plays an important role in implementing the national laws, regulations and policies, and in promoting the realization of legal administration, honest and clean administration and effective administration of the administrative departments and officials. Especially, with the further development of the modern social division, the extension of the administration's range and the strengthening of the administrative powers, it becomes very necessary to improve the mechanisms of administrative supervision, and to supervise more effectively the administrative behaviors and the process of performing the administrative powers. Therefore, there will be a lot of practical meaning to research the theories of administrative supervision, analyze its reality, and discuss and explore the strategies.This thesis is composed of five parts.In the preface it introduces this paper's research meaning, purpose and methods. And it also points out the key problems to be solved.The first part of the thesis sets forth the theories relative to administrative supervision, which include four factors such as the definition of administrative supervision, its theoretical basis, basic functions and great importance.The second part mainly makes an analysis of the present situation of administrative supervision in China. It introduces the effects of administrative supervision and points out its main problems at present. These problems are following. At first, there are many disadvantages of the leadership system of administrative supervision. Secondly, its legalsystem has not been improved thoroughly. Thirdly, it is still difficult to enforce the law of administrative supervision. Fourthly, the effects of administrative supervision have not been strengthened enough. Finally, it is still necessary to count in more qualified officials of administrative supervision.The third part comes up with several countermeasures to improve and perfect our country's administrative supervision through careful analysis and study. Firstly, reform the system of administrative supervision and change forthcoming twofold leadership system into erected leadership system. Secondly, amplify its legal system to raise the legal position of the institutions of administrative supervision. Thirdly, enforce the law of administrative supervision to execute legally. Fourthly, strengthen the effects of administrative supervision, improve the administration and raise its efficiency. Fifthly, train more high-qualified officials and try appointing exclusive specialized ones. Sixthly, deepen personnel regime reformation, innovate administrative examining system, reform financial management system, and build civil servant property supervising regimentation. Finally, follow the pace of the times and make innovation.The conclusion particularly refers to the experimentation of erected leadership system in China, points out the obstructions and conflicts in the process of reforming administrative supervision system, and directs the future development road of administrative supervision system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative supervision, Theory, Present situation, Countermeasures
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