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Basic Theoretical Research Of Corporate Governance Of State-run Commercial Bank

Posted on:2005-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the focus that the financial circle pays close attention to the reform of state- run commercial bank of our country and development problem, have already controlled from the inside to corporate governance. Deepening further with reforming, the aggravation of the competition situation after especially China joins WTO, corporate governance existing problem of state-run commercial bank is more and more outstanding, some become " bottlenecks " which restrict development. So, carries on improvement to corporate governance of state-run commercial bank and perfects becomes the problem that need to be solved urgently at present.The overall train of thought of this text is on the basis of studying corporate governance and basic theories, to how perfect corporate governance of state-run commercial bank, carry on the discussion.Corporate governance coordinates the relation between the persons who correlate with interests of relying mainly on shareholder of the company, can so as to ensure all interests person who correlated with management and administration in company appropriately supervise to go on to make policy and every system and mechanism that control arrange. The commercial banks is regarded as the subject of the financial system, have important positions in national economy, should consider its particularity to corporate governance of commercial bank while carrying on research.The contractual theory of the firm is the theory origin of studying corporate governance, mainly including the trade expenses theory, the group production theory and the principal-agent theory. Trade expenses theory main research the relation of enterprise and market, border of enterprise and the reason of enterprise in existence, the group production theory is with a view to study institutional framework and agent relation in enterprises inside enterprises. According to the contractual theory of the firm, most effective enterprise mode privately owned capital combine, owner relation with operator clear shareholding system mode.The separate theory in two rights which means rights of control separating from ownership is produced with production of the joint-stock company, this theory has proved the prerequisite that corporate governance question produces. According to the separate theory, the company must set up a set of effective mechanisms of checking and balancing, by defining the interrelation between shareholder, board meeting, manager layer, prevent from three's producing because the goal is inconsistent contradictorily, realize the good operation of the company.As ownership separates from control power, the direct question come to be how the ownership losing the rights of control could make the operator with rights of control act most for realization their owner of control power. That is just the principal-agent theory trying to explain. According to the theory, the corporate governance should solute these questions including the choice of agent, supervision and encouragement to norm the action of the agent, and safeguards the client's interests.The stakeholders theory is the supplementary and development of theprincipal-agent theory. According to this theory, the corporate governance should not only consider shareholder's interests, but also take the interests of such persons who are correlated with of the interests as the creditor, manager, customer, etc. into account .The final goal of corporate governance turns into serving the common interests of the persons who are correlated with of the interests too, and realizing the harmonious development between the enterprise and the society.Through an analysis of the above four theories, this text thinks, during the reform of state-run commercial bank, study on corporate governance must combine relevant theory, only under being correct to instruct reasonable theory, could solve the problem that the state-run commercial bank exists fundamentally, realize the goal of the reform of state-run commercial bank.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporate governance, the contractual theory of the firm, the separate theory in two rights, the principal-agent theory, the stakeholders theory
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