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Research On The E-commerce Platform And System Integration Base On XML

Posted on:2005-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152968581Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Electronic commerce (EC) is a new model of business in the open network environment of the Internet, based on browser/server application mode, which realizes the customer's online shopping, online business between the traders and electronic online payment. Early E-commerce is the traditional EDI method. Traditional EDI is based on a strict standard set of transaction processing, it uses private network or value added network(VAN),the costs are high and it is difficult to realize cross-platform and cross-system data exchange, Along with the popularization of the Internet, E-commerce basing on Internet appeared Using XML as a descriptive language for Web-pages enormously accelerated the development of E-commerce. XML has strong abilities respecting to data expression and exchange. XML expression is not symbolic information but structured block content. By using XML for describing data content, documents and lists, it is possible to exchange data between different systems. It improves persistence of data and reduces extra application costs caused by changes of the business regulations. It guarantees the connection with the old system and protects existing investments.In this dissertation, the background of the appearance of XML is analysed firstly, and also the technique, which is relevant to XML, is introduced. At the same time, the characteristics and merits of XML are illustrated. And the scope of applying this technique is talked about. Furthermore, the framework of e-commerce platform based on XML is proposed, and the part of B2C and B2B is introduced particularly. Based on this work, in order to satisfy the application of the distribution and stocking of sparepart in nuclear power station, I design a B2C sparepart distribution system in Internet based on XML. The web structure of this system consists three levels: display, logic and data store; In display part, applying XML and XSL technology to separate the content of XML document and its vision; In logic part applying Schema of XML to define the ordering document and make use of DOM technology to create XML form ordering document online at real time. In data store part, taking advantage of XML to store data and implementing the transform between database and XML document. At the same time, without changing the current system, we realize the automation of purchasing based on the BizTalk platform of Microsoft through the B2B system integration of a sparepart purchasing company supply chaim. The last chapter concludes this dissertation and presents the further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-Commerce Platform, eXtensible Markup Language, Sparepart Distribution System, System Integration
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