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The Research Of The Law Issues About The Protection Of The Financial Consumer

Posted on:2011-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332466662Subject:Economic Law
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With the further reform of the financial system, and its disadvantages are gradually revealed, infringe upon the rights and interests of consumer finance event shows ascendant trend, violations of the way also presents the diversification. At the same time, along with the market economy and the improvement of related laws and regulations, promulgated in this process, how to establish China's financial consumer protection system becomes a problem to be solved, In recent years, although China consumer finance increased awareness of protection, but still not to their own rights and interests from the law level enough attention. In law from the negative attitude to some extent influence the personal finance the enthusiasm of the consumers.At the same time, despite the infringement of the rights are not seeking financial consumers remedy lawsuit, but this does not mean that in the future will always remain so. With the continuous development of the financial industry, as well as the future possibility of mixed-business management reform, especially the financial consumer ego to protect consciousness unceasingly strengthens, about financial consumer rights disputes will certainly more and more. But China's current about financial consumer protection regulation, far cannot reach protect financial demand of consumers. With the rapid development of China's financial industry in the background, financial consumer protection requirements will be a more urgent, therefore, how to better protect the future of China's financial consumers could not avoid a problem, carries on the deep summary and outlook, and puts forward relevant system improvement, is of theoretical and practical significance.The paper has five chapters, about 40,000 words.The first chapter basically is the theoretical basis of financial consumer protection, and combined with the international financial structure change of big background, this paper introduces the concept and characteristics of financial consumers with what right and financial consumers.The second chapter to theoretical basis for guidance, this paper expounds the necessity of financial consumer protection, then introduces the way to protect consumers financial, mainly include:to regulate, government regulation and internal control mechanism and the four categories of self-discipline.The third chapter from the actual situation in our country, this paper points out that the current financial consumer protection legislation and the problems existing in the financial supervision.The fourth chapter with our financial consumer protection, problems existing in the financial consumer privacy protection and information disclosure system and Britain's financial balance system of investigation, and puts forward some reference.The fifth chapter pertinently put forward concerning the improvement of China's financial consumer protection system. To protect consumer financial legislation. Accelerate the transformation of financial supervision mode, the present financial industries managed and supervised respectively as unified direction of financial supervision gradual transformation. And to establish a fair, efficient dispute resolution mechanism.
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