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The Research On Financial Consumer Protection In China Under The Change Of The Mode Of Financial Supervision And Regulation

Posted on:2013-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330374463407Subject:Economic Law
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With the development of China's economy, financial markets showed flourishing in China.People's living standards rise rapidly, and the consumption is not limited to the goal of living, but theywould like to promote their own greater development through consumption. So the financial marketshave become the choice which the people are keen to. With financial market flooded with a variety offinancial products, buyers continue to increase, this new term called "financial consumer" is also gettingwell known. And in theory and practice this term has also been repeatedly discussed and applied. At thesame time, the phenomenon of damages of the interests of financial consumes are increasinglyprominent. For the advent of the financial regulatory reform of the financial consumer protection system,the United States opened the prelude of the legislation of the financial consumer interests protection andthe construction of the financial regulatory system. And in China the related fields also responded to it.But there is no clearly defined legal definition of the financial consumer and their legal rights in ourpresent financial legal norms. China also ignores the protection of financial consumers. This situationled to our financial consumer protection in the out-of-control state. This paper focuses on consumerprotection issues, and gives recommendations.The text of this paper has six chapters, about40,000words.ChapterⅠis an introduction. It leads to the problems of the financial consumer protection and thebackground, and describe the research ideas and research methods.ChapterⅡfor financial consumer protection analysis. First this chapter clarifies the nature of thefinancial consumer, this text think that the financial consumers are an extension of the consumer in thefinancial sector, and the financial consumers belong to the vulnerable groups, so they should beprotected by the law. And then clear the scope of the financial consumer and the protection purposes.Finally, this chapter explains the theoretical basis of the financial consumers protection in three aspect.The chapter Ⅲ devoted the Taiwan and the U.S. financial consumers protection practiceexperience including the legislation and financial regulation.The Chapter Ⅳ is the reflection of status quo of the financial consumer protection. This partdescribed the phenomenon about the damage of the interests of financial consumers, and analyzes thereasons.The Chapter Ⅴ is the recommending chapter. The article gives the legal advice and therecommendation of the financial regulation.ChapterⅥ is the conclusion, it summary the whole text.
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