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The Study Of Prevention Countermeasures For Shielding Or Indulgenting The Mafia-style Organizations Crime

Posted on:2011-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Chongqing has carried out a fight against the gangsterdom in June, 2009. Through this fight, the gangdom having existed in Chongqing for many years was uprooted thoroughly. Moreover, the hidden umbrella of the gangdom was exposed. Those old cadres and heros who have fought against the gangdom, fail to stand the temptation of mony and lust.Their thoughts depart from the right values. Besides, in terms of morality, they are on the side which is againt people, becoming the umbrella of the gangdom. With the ruin of both political and professional career, they are put in jail. It is worth thinking deeply about this bitter lesson. Thus we should contemplate and take it as a warning. The study on the investigation and precautions of the protection force's conniving at gangdom-like organized crimes makes us realize that the current situation is still quite serious, that there are much work waiting us to do, and that the challenges we face are extremely arduous. Only by craking down on umbrella and by eliminating the growing environment of the gangdom, can we win the final victory.This passage is devided into three parts.The first part clearly define the concept and constitution of connivance at underworld-like organized crimes which means the acts that State civil servant utilize their functions and powers to harbor the underworld-like mafia or wink at the underworld-like mafia's commiting crimes. The crux of the matter is that the State civil servant let out and transfer the public power given by people to provide the underworld-like organized crimes with asylum and satisfy their personal lust. At present, this phenomenon is rapidly increasing and the situation is grim.The second part: the main bodies who connivine at gangdom-like organized crimes own special status and have a strong ability to avoid crackdown, the forms of crime being various and the means being concealed. Many difficulties occur during the process of investigation. For example, it has difficulty finding out the clues, investigating and gathering evidence, suppressing interference and dealing with the conflict of jurisdiction. So, we should pay more attention to the investigation of the case, ensure that the investigation is well planed and arranged, and work out practical and effective solutions: establishing the special group for the examination of a case, cracking down on umbrella, mobiliizing the people, gathering and sorting out the evidence carefully, taking a variety of implements, arresting the criminals entirly, using interrogation tactics, disintegrating the opponents, gathering evidence comprehensively and removing the contradiction between the proofs to form the chain of evidence. The procuratorate should interfere beforehand and cooperate with the public security organs to share the information and handle the case.The third part: the causes leading to connivining at underworld-like organized crimes are many-sides, inclusive of the operating system of market economy and personal factors of the State civil servant, the subjective factors and the objective factors. The precaution of such crime serves as an improtant means to impede the development of underworld organizations and a need to maintain the social stability. In addition, it is of great significance to strenthen and solidify the Party's being in power, lay a solid basis, and improve the Party's governing capacity. A honest and upright environment for work and live must be constructed so as to let the State civil servant not be willing to, not dare to, and not be able to act as the umbralla of the underworld organizations.
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