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Public Security Organs Comprehensive Functions Of Social Security

Posted on:2011-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332979671Subject:Public Management
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Thirty years ago, social order through comprehensive measure had become the basic path to solve problems of social security in the world's most populous country. It is difficult to solve social security problems only by means of striking, the fundamental and long-term strategy is by means of striking and preventing simultaneously, addressing both the symptoms and root cause, and implementing integrative management. The proposition and establishment of social security of comprehensive management policy has very important realistic meaning and profound historic significance in guiding our social security and working practice, and solving standing problems of social security. Comprehensive management of social order "against, prevention, education, management, construction and reconstruction," etc. highly summarize the contents of the work of public security organs. Public security organs, as the main force and pioneer in maintaining law and order, how to play its functions is directly related to the success of the comprehensive management of social order。Over the years, public security organs in China had explored a series of reforms and achieved some success, but lacked of a perfect mechanism, and there are many problems and deficiencies for functioning of the public security organs, the scope of definition and function, basic work, and enforcement guarantee etc can not meet the requirements of the new developments. According to problems mentioned above, based on how to give full play to the functions of social order through comprehensive measures for public security organs, this article attempts to put forward some solutions, including:the reform of public security organ itself, changing its management system, the scope of functions and powers, closely contacting with innovative public security department management way; fully mobilizing the masses power, perfect information service mechanism, promoting community building to strengthen the basic level of police work; outstanding blow function, improving the security prevention and controlling mechanism in order to improve the efficiency; improving the understanding and financial guarantee to policemen。 Form this paper based on actual combating and servicing the grassroots, I hope public security organs can better perform their functions in the comprehensive management of social security, adhere to the concept of scientific development, people-oriented, more effectively involved in constructing the harmonious society, and thus play a practical role in guiding works, and achieve the historic mission of grass-roots public security organs at the present stage o...
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