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Research On Comprehensive Control Of Public Security In Dongsheng District Of Ordos City

Posted on:2020-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330578952603Subject:Public Administration
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At present,with the deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid development of modernization process,the international and domestic situation has undergone profound changes.China is in a critical period of social transformation and a period of frequent conflicts.Therefore,innovation of social management system and pattern,strengthen all facets of public security management,perfecting the social security prevention and control system for effectively deal with the current situation of public security and maintain the stable social development is of great significance,is to promote peace in China,the inevitable requirement of China's construction of rule of law,is to realize the national management system and management ability of modern strategic project.This paper adopts literature research,on-the-spot investigation,inductive analysis and other research methods,both at home and abroad are summarized based on sift theory of social security comprehensive administration,involving illustrates the related concepts and theoretical basis of Dongsheng district in Ordos city after the present situation of public order through comprehensive measures and achievements are introduced,combined with the actual,the system analyzes the Dongsheng district public security comprehensive administration problems and reasons,and in Singapore,Canada,Guangzhou,Suzhou and other domestic and foreign advanced experience for reference,the integrated use of synergy theory,system theory,social conflict theory,governance theory,etc.,from the aspects of perfecting the comprehensive governance system and governance structure of social security,improving the application level of science and technology,and strengthening the participation of multiple subjects in governance,this paper puts forward effective countermeasures and suggestions to strengthen and improve the comprehensive governance of social security from multiple perspectives,thus improving the effectiveness and practicability of the comprehensive governance of social security.The author through the analysis of relevant data and the historical background,select Dongsheng area as an example for studying the subject,is the hope through to the research of Dongsheng area,formed with local characteristics of the typical cases and experiences in all facets of public security practice,greatly improve social management ability and management level,and economic and social transformation spanning development for other areas to provide the reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Comprehensive governance of public security, Conflict resolution, Public security prevention and control
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