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Research On The Legal Relations Of The Pinkers' Leasing

Posted on:2012-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Z YouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335474581Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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In recent years, a group named Pinker forms a new trend. Pinker means to do something with others on the basis of AA(Algebraic Average) principle. Pinkers, who would like to rent a house with other people by the AA(Algebraic Average) principle, has become a new lifestyle in modern people's lives, but we couldn't find any domestic study about the Leasing of Pinkers. The domestic scholars only study the nature of leaseholds, sub-leasing and so on. Due to the characteristics of the Leasing of Pinkers, all kinds of legal relations, like relation between lessor and lessees or that among lessees, are involved. Thus, the author believes that it is necessary for us to study the activity of the Leasing of Pinkers in terms of legal relations.The article below explains precisely the meaning of the Leasing of Pinkers by the analysis of the characteristics of the Leasing of Pinkers. By analyzing the Leasing of Pinkers and the activity of Group Leasing, the author makes the legal relations of different legal parts more clear. After studying the rights of leasing, sub-leasing, Real Estate Service Contracts, the Contracts of the Third Party's Interests and etc., which are learnt from Britain, France, Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the author defines the different characteristics of legal relations. After precisely defining the legal relations of the Leasing of Pinkers, the author summarizes the main rights and obligations of the separate party in the activities of the Leasing of Pinkers. In the article, the author tries to define the legal relations between the leasees and those between the leasees and the managing part of the Real Estate. By defining the obligations and rights of the relevant parts of Pinker, the legitimate rights and interests of all parties will be better protected.
Keywords/Search Tags:Leasing of Pinkers, Group Leasing, Sub-leasing, Leasehold, the Condominium Ownership of Buildings
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