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Research On Participation Of Chinese NGOs In Emergency Governance

Posted on:2012-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335965294Subject:Administrative Management
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There are always a serious of emergencies during the process of human social development. Every major outbreak of emergency is a threat to people's lives and property security and social development constitutes. Therefore, how to cope with the emergencies effectively has became an important task for every state. In the face of the emergencies, the government certainly bears major responsibility. But with the change of social environment, the destruction which the emergencies causes is becoming more and more serious and the approach to respond tends to be more complex. In such cases, the government alone can not cope effectively. So other bodies, especially the civil society which is closely related to the crisis should be introduced so as to improve the efficiency of the governance. As the major component of civil society, the non-government organization by its advantages has played a significant role in the governance and has become an indispensable force.The Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 is the most destructive and extensively major emergency after the founding of People's Republic of China. In this emergency, we saw the outbreak of huge social forces. The NGO joined the rescue with an unprecedented situation. They not only played a key role, but also won the recognition of the society. They caught the sight of people by its scale and its form in participation and they became the most efficient helpers of the government. In a sense, the Wenchuan earthquake has been a turning point for the NGO to participate the public crisis. And it was also a great promotion to the building of multiple governance system in public emergencies and the mature of our civil society.Based on the above, the paper takes the NGO participating of emergency governance as the research object. By reviewing the current research at both home and abroad, the relevant concepts and interrelated theory and the role and advantages of the NGO in emergencies governance, the Wenchuan Earthquake is introduced as an example to show the situation of how the NGO participated the rescue. It summarized the characteristic of the action by NGO and benefit the NGO played in the rescue. It also analysis the problems the NGO faced in the process of governance, such as the lacking of social credibility, the unsound law of our country, the incongruous in corporate governance and then analysis the reason. Further, the paper also describes some successful experience of participating in the emergency governance by NGOs in the developed countries. Finally, based on the condition of our country, the paper raises some suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of NGO in participating into emergency governance, such as to build a sound law system for NGO to participate into governance, to accomplish the corporate governance system and to improve NGO's abilities in facing emergency situations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emergencies, NGO, the Wenchuan Earthquake
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