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Research On The Interaction Relation Between Government And Non-governmental Organization In Reconstruction After The Wenchuan Earthquake

Posted on:2012-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330377954743Subject:Administrative Management
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Wenchuan earthquake caused a large number of casualties,huge economic loss and social harm which is difficult to heal in May12th2008. After the disaster,Party and government made the decision of relief quickly,which was making lots of manpower, material and financial resources for rescue to the disaster area.The State Councilpromulgated the "Regulations Wenchuan earthquake restoration and reconstruction", in June8th,which meant the earthquake relief work by the emergency relief phase to the post-disaster reconstruction.Post-disaster reconstruction is a long-term, complex, continuous and systematic project, relating to affect everyone’s daily life in the disaster area and production and construction. In the post-disaster reconstruction work,whatever,in macro-control,funding assistance,or in coordinating. The government is duty-bound to play a leading role,playing a leading role.However, modern government is limited, there was a certain difficulty for government to complete the reconstruction work alone. The reconstruction is also hard to imagine for enterprises as a social task,because profit is its priority goal. Therefore,that provided a opportunity for non-governmental organizations to involve in post-disaster reconstruction. Additionally, non-governmental organizations could raise funds, relief supplies and volunteers to send to affected areas with its a flexible response, and meticulous professional, charitable non-profit advantage,and it could carry out a number of positive and effective reconstruction,assisting the Government to improve post-disaster reconstruction.At present, the relationship of domestic and foreign scholars, government and non-governmental organizations have a certain amount of discussions and studies,and they also summed up some experience in practice. On this basis,the paper based on the interation non-governmental organizations between the government as the starting point,collecting first-hand information with the author’s field research. Typical case-------according to Global Village of Beijing-depth analysis,studying the interaction which is its leading implementation of the music and home projects with government,and denn to find out what the potential problems and deep-seated reasons is in the non-governmental organizations and government interaction,in order to address non-governmental organizations and government How organize effective interaction problems well during the post-disaster community reconstruction.It will help the non-governmental organizations to provide some useful lessons and inspiration to the future sustainable development.The framework of this writing are following three steps.First, based on the theory and practice of study in the government and non-governmental organizations relationship what they have in recent decades at home and abroad,which elaborate to the the function and its interaction of the Non-governmental organizations and government in the Wenchuan earthquake. Secondly, the selected study case——to introduce the Happy Home projects of Global Village of Beijing in the post-disaster reconstruction.And to analyze the problems and difficulties which the government and non-governmental organizations ncountered in through the Global Village of Beijing in the reconstruction process,and then find out what underlying reason affected the interation relationship between the government and non-governmental organizations in-depth. Finally, the interaction between the two subjects——the Government and non-governmental organizations.And giving more interactive relationship for each.In order to study the reconstruction process in the interactive relationship between non-governmental organizations and the Government,the article is divided into the following six parts:The part one is about the Introduction.Firstly, describing the purpose and significance,and to give non-governmental organizations a clear definition of the concept.Secondly, introducing the ideas and the basic framework and illustrate the main methods of the study.The part two is about the theory of interactions between the non-governmental organizations and government.Firstly,introducing the theoretical basis relations between government and non-governmental organizations in recent decades,including:theory of government failure, market failure theory, the third-party management theory and the government, governance theory.Secondly,describing the research results of the interaction between the government and non-governmental organizations by domestic and foreign scholars and to combine post-disaster reconstruction section.Thirdly,comparing the interaction between the Government and non-governmental organizations in these areas post-disaster reconstruction with Taiwan, Japan, the United States and analyzing it.Finally,summarizing theory and practice of the interation between the government and non-governmental organizations. I believe that:the transformation of government functions is "limited government", the Government also has a certain limitations. Non-governmental organizations is something different from the government,it can do something what the government can not take into,unwilling to do or do bad things to do. Therefore,it is possible for non-governmental organizations to participate in a number of public affairs,and it is necessary. The government and non-governmental organizations have the respective capabilities of different concerns in the reconstruction process, then, government and non-governmental organizations should be a good division of labor to interact and work together to do reconstruction work well.The part three is about in the interation between government and non-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations play a role and their function in post-disaster reconstruction of Wenchuan earthquake. Various stages in the disaster, non-governmental organizations and governments work together, especially in the post-disaster reconstruction, non-governmental organizations play the roles of sever, coordinator and participants.In the relationship of interation and the role between the two in the analysis,the author summarizes that the interation of the government and non-governmental organizations have the main following three features in the post-disaster reconstruction. First, the Government is the leading role, and non-governmental organizations are supporting role. Second,the coorperation domain of government and non-governmental organizations is narrow and limited.Third,independent of non-governmental organizations is not strong, and participation is not active.The part four is about introducing the representative Global Village of Beijing through non-governmental organizations in China,combining with Global Village of Beijing for what they have done in post-disaster reconstruction,and elaborating the Happy Home project which Global Village of Beijing to lead,and its implementation in community reconstruction in Wenchuan Earthquake typicality. Analysis of its problems, making these difficulties lead to the deep analysis of the causes in the leading Happy Home project of Global Village of Beijing implementation process.I believe that the important reasons influence the interation between non-governmental organizations and government, in addition to state laws and regulations to non-governmental organizations, specific work on the interface as the primary influence of the Government is also very important. Non-governmental organizations need to strengthen their capacity and improve their internal management is an important work,and the deeper reason what influence the interation between the government and non-governmental organizations is that mutual trust mechanism is insufficient.The part five is about putting forward some countermeasures and recommendations in the view of above issues.The interation show that relationship between the two sides need to work together to respond. Our government and non-governmental organizations to establish and develop a good relationship,but only unilateral is impossible to do and it is impossible to do a good job.Therefore, combination to Global Village of Beijing,this non-governmental organizations interact with the government to do in post-disaster reconstruction practices,and some of the thinking in the research process, respectively, from the government and non-governmental organizations to explore how to rationalize further interation between the government and non-governmental organizations.The part six is about puting forward rationalizing the interation countermeasures and Suggestions between the government and non-governmental organizations.Interactive relationship shows that relationship need to respond to participate jointly each other.The establishment and development of our government and non-governmental organization have a good relationship,only pay unilaterally is impossible,and it’s impossible to do it well.Therefore,the government and non-governmental organizations need to work together.
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