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Research On Perfecting Rural Land Property Rights And Management System

Posted on:2012-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335970096Subject:Economic Law
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Rural land property rights system is the core of the problem of agriculture rural farmers, and the establishment of the modern property rights system which is sound,have the clear property rights attribution,have the clear rights and responsibilities,as well as can smooth flow and Intensive and efficient operation of the operating system,Conducive to the development of high technology content, good economic returns of modern agriculture, is conducive to safeguarding the fundamental interests of the majority of farmers, is conducive to rural social stability and development.To promote the construction of new socialist countryside, solving the agriculture rural farmers issue.Thus,the issues of rural land property rights system have important theoretical value and practical significance.The full paper is divided into five parts:The first part introduces the rural land property rights system, the basic theory. First of all, the connotation of property rights interpretation. That property rights are the rights of the property in general, the law of economic relations between forms of ownership, which includes property ownership, possession, control over, use, usufruct and disposition. Legal right of ownership to reflect the relationship between the form of a scientific and rational system of property rights, is used to consolidate and standardize the commodity economy in the property relations, the economic constraints, safeguarding the economic order of goods, ensuring the smooth operation of the commodity economy legal right tools. Meanwhile, on the theory of rural land property rights are described.The second part of the rural land property rights system of sorting out the changes and the assessment process, analysis of the status of rural land property rights system. Pointed out that the existing rural land ownership system and collective ownership of land the household contract management system, improvement of rural productivity has been driven system does not have the advantage of its shortcomings are: 1. Land unclear property rights, farmers Incomplete Property; 2. land contract relationship problems, frequent adjustment of land; 3. land transfer is unreasonable, inefficient allocation of resources; 4. agricultural land property rights system is not perfect legislation. Therefore, changes should be thoroughly collective ownership of rural land property rights and decentralized management of the household contract responsibility system, land ownership by farmers, combined with intensive management of share-based cooperative system replaced. That give farmers the benefits of land ownership: You can effectively protect land resources, help increase investment in agriculture and rural incomes will help farmers maintain and development of human rights, is conducive to social transformation, and to promote building a thorough and healthy market economy, beneficial to inhibit Population growth, low birth rate.The third part of the Marxist classical writers on agricultural cooperatives in social thought and thought and elaboration of a reference, based on cooperation that share the agricultural cooperatives of farmers access to land ownership to ensure that agricultural development after the scale and intensive way to the inevitable. Stock cooperative system by means of the structure of property right characteristics and advantages of the system of cooperative governance structure and operation of the manner described, the final list of cooperatives in agricultural production can play a specific role.The fourth part of the comprehensive discussion of the various chapters of the above proposed reform of rural land property rights system and operating system-related measures. Major measures include: 1. strengthen the relevant theory; 2. the experiments, sum up experience; 3. improve the management system of agricultural land property rights and legislation; 4. a professional and efficient management and service system for agriculture; 5. promote the agricultural land reform and property rights Operating system specific path; 6. to promote the reform of agricultural land ownership and operating system specific path.This conclusion reaffirms the last part of the core ideas, and collective ownership of agricultural land which is household contract responsibility system of land ownership pattern of public self has been lost from the effective organization of production, promote agricultural development, institutional strengths, and private land ownership, share-cooperation Based cooperatives as the main body of the intensive development of agricultural productivity to conform to new requirements, to effectively guarantee the fundamental interests of the majority of farmers, help build market economies mature and complete, can promote the transformation of traditional rural society, to complete the important mission of social transformation.
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