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Legislative Regulation On The PPC Of Search Engines

Posted on:2012-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330338451485Subject:Science of Law
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PPC (Pay Per Click) is the profit pattern of search engines, and it is also the advertising platform for merchants to promote their products or services. With the development of PPC, the shortcomings have emerged. Essentially, PPC is one of kinds of online ads, in which there exist a series of legal issues. And from the merchants' point of view, the keywords set by the merchants may infringe the trademark rights of others. In addition, PPC is paid by clicking, so under the drive of economic interests or others, Click Fraud may emerge. However, under the current situation, there are no practical laws that can be used to regulate the mentioned acts, but just because of such acts, several major search engine providers are frequently charged. So in order to protect millions of consumers and maintain the internet economic order, it is necessary to regulate these acts. Through a more systematic study on the PPC, this article will discuss legal issues existing in the PPC and the relative rules of domestic and international law. On this basis, corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are put forward, in order to make contributions to judicial practice.This article is composed of three parts:a foreword, three chapters and a conclusion. The foreword started with a real case which explains the reason and the meaning of the topic. The first chapter mainly introduces how the search engine and PPC work, and what difficulties the PPC is currently facing. The second chapter discusses legal issues existing in the PPC from different points of view, with the use of the relevant legal knowledge. The third chapter makes suggestions on how to regulate PPC. The conclusion part makes a summary.
Keywords/Search Tags:PPC, search engines, trademark infringement, advertisements, click fraud
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