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The Legal Nature And Regulation Of Search Engine PPC

Posted on:2018-11-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Pay-per-click is one kind of bussiness model,which brings huge profit to search engines.Meanwhile,pay-per-click leads to many legal problems,like fake advertisement and anti-unfair competition.This business model harms public interests to some degree.But our law has no answer to the question of regulating pay-per-click at this stage.There are two persperctives of pay-per-click between the adminnistrative organs and the judiciary.It's necessary to let pay-per-click into legal area.First of all,i introduced three typical cases which are about pay-per-click.These three cases represent three points about the quality of pay-per-click.Secondly,this article outlined some basic knowledge of pay-per-click,including the process,the principles and the differences with relevant business model.In the third of this airticle,i analysed the reasons of pay-per-click quality to distinguish information retrival service and business advertisement.There was a brief introduction of America law about pay-per-click.Finally,i gave some advices about how to regulate pay-per-click..It's appropriate to recognize pay-per-click as business advertisement.I also gave some suggestions to deal with the problems in the administrative relationship and civil legal relationship.
Keywords/Search Tags:pay-per-click, search engines, internet advertisement, tort liability
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