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Relationship Between Public Expectancy And Public Trust Of Selecting And Appointing Cadres

Posted on:2012-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338997664Subject:Applied Psychology
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Public expectations in this article refers to public expectations of party and government cadres, mainly out of the public selection of future cadres with the expected degree of certain characteristics.Cadres from the public perspective on the expectations and the desired degree of high or low, can be used for the party and government cadres and to provide reference help to improve public confidence in selection of cadres.This article, based on the literature, combined with previous studies, interviews of 70 public by open questionnaires, and on the basis of ideas before, and then developed with good reliability and validity of the public expectations questionnaire.Then the preparation of the questionnaire conducted on 387 subjects, and discusses the selection of cadres, public expectations and the credibility of the relationship.Finally, two individuals with different levels of the specific expectations were interviewed, confirmed the validity and reliability of the questionnaire.the results are as follows:(1) Expectations of the public are at the middle level cadres.More than half (236) individual expectations of the cadres at the average points or less (80.466), especially for the moral quality of cadres, worth researching.(2)the public's expectations of cadres, including the expectations of the cadres and working people's expectations of the two factors, one of the cadres, cadres and people's expectations are divided into charisma expectations, expectations of moral quality of cadres, cadres can expect on the cadres and the expectations of doing thingsincluding the quality of work expected of cadres, cadres, the efficiency of expectations.And by the exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, have good reliability and validity.(3) the public nature of the cadres in the unit expectations, education and family income levels were significantly different variables.(4) public cadres expectations and selection of cadres, public confidence in a positive correlation, and further regression found that: the public cadres to expectations quality of work expected of public confidence in cognition, scores predicted significantly, these two dimensions of the selection of cadres and public trusthave a certain degree of influence.Cadres and the public can expect, the quality of work expectations, personal charm expect emotional behavior on public trust and of significant dimensions.(5) expectations of high scores and low scores of cadres revealed, the highest scores on the same situation, more hold an optimistic attitude, while low scores are facing the same situation, it is negative, the confidence of the cadresis not very adequate.In short, the expectations of the public questionnaire on the cadres with good structure, the selection of party and government cadres in the future, we should pay more attention to public opinion and the views and expectations of the people concerned to understand the public's awareness and attitude of the cadres to help further improve the selection ofcadres and public trust.
Keywords/Search Tags:public expectation, cadres, public trust, self-expectation, working-expectation
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