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Studies On Advanced Production Schedule Andbalance Between Production Capacity And Actual Demand Based On ERP

Posted on:2006-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152493412Subject:Agricultural mechanization project
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It's well known that economic globalization aggravates the competition of enterprise while bringing opportunity of development to our country. Its essence is a kind of resource competition. Accordingly, it has already been the trend to manage the enterprise by informationization. At present, the implementation of ERP project is the main means of informationization. ERP system can improve service efficiency of manpower, time and information resources effectively, thus, the policymakers can increase the rate of decision and its accuracyHowever, most ERP software used in manufacturing process is limited mainly in applications of marketing and financial system at present, it is difficult to get to the application of. production management system deeply. In the whole ERP system, the production management system is the most complicated one that has high requirement on flexibility, maturity. Meanwhile, the arranging lever of the production schedule of the materials and of controlling on production capacity are not high in enterprises, but it is an important evaluation that carries out the production schedule of the materials correctly during the course of enterprise management. Being related to the above closely, the workshop management and the controlling of cost become the key questions that the manufacturing company pays close attention to.Based on theoretical analysis integrated with practical application, the production schedule and balance between production and capacity in production management system have been studied in this thesis.1. It is necessary to analyze various kinds of prediction methods in order to choose the suitable one. As the fitted model by means of historical data has embryonic stage, developing stage and saturation stage, the Gompertz model could be choosen to predict rational middle period aim reasonably. This method has already been applied successfully to enterprise prediction of operation objectives and the firsthand data for making a rational main production schedule was obtained.2. In practical, the coefficient of exponential smoothing was chosen mainly depending on experiences so that the prediction result was short of reasonable values. After analyzing the traditional prediction model, a new method has been put forward to expand the range of choosing and to model the choosing of initial value. The choosing range is expanded from 0< a <1 to
Keywords/Search Tags:ERP, production schedule, capacity balancing, coefficient of exponential smoothing, smoothing initial value, BOM, safe volume of stock, order point model, ahead of period
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