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The Research On Reformation Of Land Requisition System In China

Posted on:2006-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W R ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152493551Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The land requisition system, which was formed in the planned economy period, provided the strong policy support for the industry development in our planned economy era. However, along with the rapid development of industry and progress of urbanization, the speed of using land of countryside for urbanization has been accelerated. So, there become more and more disadvantages of the present land requisition system. The uncontrolled requiring of land has not only violated the land property of the collective but also resulted in out of controlling of required dimensions.In this paper, I discuss the futures of land requisition system reform in our country from three aspects of land property, land requisition pattern and compensation. Firstly, the ways of solving the violating rights of the collective are given in theoretic way by analyzing the problems of present land requisition system in the view of property economy. And then, the paper particularly expounds the public premise in requisition and designs the logic frame of land requisition reform. At last, basing on referring the compensation experience in requisition of rest of the world, and combining analyzing the value adding of land during the requisition by land-rent theory, the paper concludes the principal of the land compensating according to the market price, and further establishes the land compensating criteria based on the standard price of city land. In addition, the paper analyzes the substitute safeguarding function of land in the countryside, therefore, points the realism of combining the way of using the former criteria to compensate the peasants and the different way to aftercare the peasants whose land is required.Being the important part of the land policy, the reformation of land requisition system involves many areas and needs to study deeply in theory and practice. Therefore, the view of reformation in land requisition given in the paper has the value to reformation in theory and practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land requisition system, Land property, Requisition pattern, Requisition compensation
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