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The Formation Mechanism Of Financial Crisis

Posted on:2006-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of the world economy, the worldwide financial crisis erupted frequently. The eruption of financial crisis impacted our economy, politics and society very much. This aroused much attention and research of many economists. Especially in our country, the damage of financial crisis is destructive. Under this condition, the research of the formation mechanism of financial crisis is important and necessary.The emphases of this thesis are finding the system reasons of financial crisis, providing the suggestions for the construction of financial security mechanism and financial supervision.The thesis is divided into 6 parts. The main contents are as follows:The first part talks about the theory of financial crisis. In this part, it defines financial crisis, and summarizes the characteristics of modern financial crisis.The second part talks about the reasons for monetary crisis. It expresses the development and evolvement of the monetary crisis models, summarizes three generations of monetary crisis, and expands the models. Then it brings forward some suggestions.The third part talks about the reasons for bank crisis. First, it defines bank crisis. Then it reviews the great bank crises happened during the 1990th and summarizes the prevail theories in the world. Last, on the basis of the research, it expresses the reasons for bank crisis and brings forward some suggestions.The forth part talks about the reasons for foreign debt crisis. First, it summarizes several theories of debt crisis. Then it analyses the scale and position of foreign loans of our country, and brings forward some suggestions on how to resist foreign loans crisis.The fifth part brings forward the conclusions of this thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial Crisis, Monetary Crisis, Bank Crisis, Debt Crisis
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