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The Research On The Human Capital And Sustainable Economic Development In Hebei Province

Posted on:2006-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152991053Subject:Quantitative Economics
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As a new economic era coming when human being entered the 21st century, economic growth will have new connotation in which human capital will become the main resource and the fundamental drive. It has been proved that human capital has played an important role in the long-term and sustainable economic growth of developed countries. As developing country, China has rare natural resources and short capital, but has rich human resources. It will be a beneficial and austere issue how to transform these human resources into human capital and how to realize economic sustainable development. Since there is hardly a research on Hebei's human capital condition and its role played in economic sustainable development, this thesis gives a study on the topic of human capital and economic sustainable development by the means of normative analysis and positive analysis.Firstly, the thesis introduces the backgrounds and the theory about human capital and economic sustainable development. Secondly on the basis of the study of the conditions of Hebei province's human capital and substantial capital, this thesis assesses the contribution rate of human capital and tests its long-term effect on economic output. The study is based on two models: two-factor model and external-effect model. Through the positive analysis of the two model, the direct and indirect contribution rate of human capital are peeled off, then the way that human capital make effect on the economics are concluded; the challenges of economic sustainable development are also manifested by comparison of the contribution rate of human capital and substantial capital. Lastly the thesis puts forward a few proposals and counter-measures to improve the level of human capital based on the analysis of the request to human capital and the problems of human capital cultivation.
Keywords/Search Tags:human capital, economic sustainable development, economic growth, contribution rate
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