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Research On The Human Capital Theory And Its Revelation To China

Posted on:2003-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095961037Subject:Systems Engineering
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Economic growth has long been the spotlight of the world. At present, sustainable development has become the ideal development model. Our country is a socialism country. It is the critical embody of socialism superior to acquire faster renewable economic increase than capitalism countries. At the same time, our country has the most abundant human resources, but with the comparatively poor human capacity. On the basis, the competition in 21 century is the competition of human capacity between countries; therefore, it is very important to study the relationship between human capital and economic improvement.At present, there is no lack of researching about human capital in China, especially in microcosmic enterprise theory; but in macrocosmic we see little of research about human capital in new economic increase model that presented in American in 1980's. On the basis of researching Lucas' endogenous economic model, this dissertation explores its limiting factor in applying to China's practice, and points out its limitations, and puts forward the human capital countermeasures to China's economic increasing.This dissertation is divided into four parts in organization. The first part is introduction. It generally reviews the theory of modern western human capital and shows the subject, methods and the train of thought on the research. The second part compares the theory of modern western human capital with the thought of Marxism human capital, on the basis of which analyzes profoundly the concept and connotation of human capital. Then it continues to analyze the properties and characteristics of human capital, after that the formation model of human capital, finally the relation between supply and demand of human capital. The third part introduces the endogenous economic increase model of Lucas that based on dynamic optimal automation, revealing the decisive effect of human capital on economic increase. The four part makes general evaluations to Lucas' economic increase model, pointing out the implying requirements are that the economic institution is given and the inspiration to human capital is proper. So to the economic development of our country, the increase of human capital reservation does not simply means the increase of economic increasing rate. They are not naturally related. From this basic point, it gives suggestions and countermeasures on the scheme of human capital and its related institution and policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Human capital, Human resource, Economic growth, Economic development, Inspiration, Institution, Human capital market
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