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The Value Goal And Humanity Idea Of The Economic Law

Posted on:2006-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The question of value of law is an old and remote problem and the question of value and idea of economic law is a focus that the law circles of our country dispute in recent years. Though the scholars of our country have carried on some hard and valuable discussions in recent years, the various opinions and concepts bring to the scholars' mutual dialogue difficult really, and make the problem of value of law on teaching and research face the difficulty especially. So it is an important problem in front of us to scientifically clarify the meaning of value of law and the meaning of value of economic law.To clarify what the value of economic law is, it is first to clarify the meaning of value, and the meaning of value of law. Then we can draw the definition of the value of economic law according to value —value of law — value of economic law, such a logical thinking order. Through the analysis of various kinds of defining of value (on interest, on attribute, on relation), we can define the value as : Value means needs and wants that suit with the subject, thus receive the existence, properties, attribute or function of things of the attention and love of the subject. The value of law means all social members think and hope what the properties and attribute the law should have on the basis of one's own need. The value of economic law means all social members according to the needs of ones own, think and hope the most basic properties and attribute that the economic law should have. Because most scholars obscure value goal and value orientation, value goal and interests while discussing the value of economic law, it is necessary to distinguish these two groups of concepts after clarifying economic law value.The goal of the value of economic law is the whole social interests, it differsfrom public interests, social interests, personal interests. The whole social interests is a wish and a demand of the public maintaining the social normal order and activity in the social life. The whole social interests exist objectively. Regarding the whole social interests as the value goal of economic law is not fantastic, it can be demonstrated from the history of the development of human social, the essence of the economic law, the function defects of civil law, administrative law and criminal law, the law philosophy Such four aspects. The whole Social interests were realized through concrete forms of economic law value and the concrete forms of economic law value should be plural, and it is the embodiment of different "qualities " of economic law, the concrete forms of economic law value are the properties, attribute, function of economic law of attention of people that match all social members' needs. The concrete form of economic law value is Free --Benefit —Fair —Developing, the harmony of the four in one is unified.The idea of economic law is a concept belongs to the category of subjective, it means the rational and fundamental, which are appreciated by people, and it match the needs and the wishes to people. The humanity idea of economic law is building up the development view, which is the overall, coordinate, sustainable development, and it promotes the economy, society and people's overall development. The humanity idea of economic law offers the source for the concrete forms of the value goal of the economic law, guides the direction and offers the motive force.The economic system of our country has already been confirmed as the market economic system, but the due respect of the market main body , were not ensured and cared, the enthusiasm of the market main body was not be fully shifted either. The scientific development view is to emphasize people first, pay...
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