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Law Regulation On Off-shore Company In National Foreign-concerned Investment

Posted on:2007-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182981856Subject:Economic Law
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Off-shore Company is initiated by investor according off-shore company law of off-shore field. And the company does not transact with local companies. Because of a lot of advantages, off-shore Company is regard as first choice of many investors. And off-shore Company has important influence to China too, but it was not caused enough attention.In this article, the author discussed the basic theory of off-shore company include its present conditions and its conception and legal characteristic. The author used contrast-analyze methods on conception of off-shore Company which existed in researching field. Then the author expressed his view on conception of off-shore Company. On the basis of analyzing different legal characteristic of off-shore Company, the author researched the function and worth of off-shore Company. And he thinks though off-shore Company has a lot of advantage, they will cause many problems such as recirculation of criminal fund and escaped of tax management.Then the author researched off-shore Company in China. Based on data, the author think of off-shore has important influence on China. The author think of off-shore Company promoted Chinese economic but caused national property and tax slide. Then the author researched the channel of off-shore Company act on China and concludes the foreign investment and Chinese oversea investment are main way. Author called foreign investment and Chinese oversea investment as Chinese foreign-related investment.In addition, the author researched the theory of Chinese foreign-related investment and draws the conclusion that off-shore Company has important relation with Chinese foreign-related investment. So the condition of Chinese concern-foreign investment law determined if off-shore Company can run in the legal track. But after research on law of Chinese foreign investment and oversea investment, the author thinks they all are defective and can not restrict off-shore Company effectively.Because of the defection of Chinese foreign-related investment law, author considers establishing Chinese foreign-related investment law system to restrict off-shore Company. So draw Chinese unite foreign investment law and overseainvestment law is the best way to restrict off-shore Company effectively. Considering the complication of off-shore company and importance of tax and foreign exchange, the author suggest restructure law system of Chinese tax and foreign exchange. Only have finished these work, can our country developed in fast, continuous and healthy way.
Keywords/Search Tags:off-shore field, off-shore Company, foreign-related investment, foreign investment, oversea investment
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