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Study On The Constructions Of E-government Affair System Of The Prefectural Cities In China

Posted on:2007-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Recent years the construction of Electronic Government Affair (hereinafter EGA) appears to be considerably prosperous following the constantly rapid info-construction of Chinese government and the further concern on EGA issues paid by government. Some departments of important industries and governments higher than Vice Province had obtained corresponding achievements. Nowadays, the emphases of EGA in China are transferring to foundational governments of medium and small cities.In every construction of system, foundational construction is basic and tough, so does the construction of EGA. How to develop the foundational construction of EGA and to promote the development of Chinese EGA through that work is presently one of the major problems confronted by Chinese EGA constructional field. China had set up EGA system for a short time. Although there were similar conditions faced by governments in different levels during preliminary period, the Governments of the Prefectural Cities has fairly serious problems on system localization, acknowledgement level, foundational facility and construction fund, etc. In order to face these problems, it is critical where to start the system construction of EGA in the Governments of the Prefectural Cities.Ⅰ.Status of EGA System in the Governments of the Prefectural Cities Besides keeping identical politically with central government, the major function of the Governments of the Prefectural Cities is to govern the economic and social issues in order to promote general development of local society and economy, then to consolidate political foundation of the Party and the country resulting in the implementation of central policies and administrative function. The function level of the Governments of the Prefectural Cities determines the position of its EGA system in national construction of EGA system. While the EGA system construction of the Governments of the Prefectural Cities has not been put on a more important position by the central government, which is severely unbalanced with its important function.Ⅱ.Characteristics of EGA Systems in the Governments of the Prefectural CitiesTo properly acknowledge the characteristics of EGA system of local...
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