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Discussion On The Shortage And Modification About The China Maritime Law Code

Posted on:2007-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185458151Subject:International law
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This article has been divided into five chapters , the contents of five chapters respectively are:the contents of the first chapter are about pollution compensation that oil leakage of the ships lead to in "Maritime law" ; the contents of the second chapter are about delay delivery of the goods in "Maritime law" ;the contents of the third chapter are about the cargo lien that the marine carriers have in "Maritime law" ;the contents of the fourth chapter are about the rights that the shippers can change and terminate the contract unilaterally in "Maritime law" ;the contents of the fifth chapter are about the Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims system in "Maritime law" .The contents of each chapter of this article are about a flaw of "Maritime law".As a result of the limit of article length and the limit of author ability, it is impossible to analyze the article of "Maritime law" gradually,The article is only about five quite important flaws of "Maritime law" to form five chapters , then we will introduce them gradually.The first chapter is divided into three sections.The first section introduced oil pollution damage responsibility that the ships collision causes.First, the author enumerated three different viewpoints ,then the author analysisd the legal relationship which is caused by the ships collision .Finally,the author draws the conclusions. The second section describes the identified issues of the scope for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage."Maritime law" did not make clear the scope of compensation for oil pollution damage.The question that whether the long-term damage on fisheries resources should be included in the scope of Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage is disputed in the judicial practice.The author first cited two controversial views and its the argument,then the author contrasted two viewpoints to obtain own viewpoint that such losses can not be compensated.The third section introduced decontamination costs liquidity problems. In my opinion before our country create Fund for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage system and require the allocation of the Fund for Oil...
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