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Legal Analyses Of Macro-control Power

Posted on:2007-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185480843Subject:Economic Law
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This article believed that, the right (power) is the core category of legal science research. One of the important symbols of whether a departmental law is mature or not is that if it has refined its own core legal jurisdiction. And Macro-Control Law is the fairly recognized departmental law of the economic law at present, thus, the research and proof of the power and right of Macro-Control Law is one of the important cornerstones to support the independence of the economic law. The right (power) research of Macro-Control Law is valuable theoretically.On the basis of analyzing the present situation of the theory of Macro-Control Power, this paper contains that the application of Macro-Control Power has actually been growing vigorously, but to the contrast, the academic circles emphasize particularly on the research of Macro-Control Law but disfavor the research of Macro-Control Power. Therefore, this paper tries to analyze the basic issues of Macro-Control Power, mainly including : the production, source, concept, characteristic, nature, object, collocation and exercise of Macro-Control Power, and its coordination and interaction with relevant economic management power, etc.On the background of the rule of law, we should not simply comprehend Macro-Control Power as a kind of national power, but as the subject matter of a kind of right that a nation has, namely, transform it into a kind of right. This paper also analyzes the justness of the transformation through the two aspects of appropriateness and capability. In this foundation, this paper defines the extent of the right transforming of Macro-Control Power, and discuss the relevant issues as suability, and analyzes the way and trend of Macro-Control Power development in prediction. With the unceasingly rise of the status of Macro-Control Law, the status of Macro-Control Power rises day by day in the national economic power system status, and has the following recent development tendency: (1) Macro-Control Power is daily socialized and democratized;(2) Macro-Control Power is daily internationalized...
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