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Research On The Legal Issues Of The Power Distribution In Macro-control

Posted on:2012-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the establishment of socialist market economic system, China's rapid economic development is inseparable from the role of national macro-control. Practice shows that the rapid and stable development of the market economy is inseparable from the country's macro control, and with social progress and economic development, economic development, macro-control will become increasingly important position to occupy. In recent years, macro-control theory of jurisprudence and aroused wide attention from economists, scholars have made this issue a lot of different opinions. In the field of macro-control law, the right macro-control is often considered a core area, the entire macro-control method is right around the distribution of macro-control, exercise, and supervision issues in the. But for macro-control right allocation of legal issues, the current academic circles there is still a relatively large differences, which is bound to affect the improvement of macro-control system and our implementation of macro-control policies. This article attempts to both theory and practice, the right configuration of macroeconomic regulation and control of legal issues.This paper aims to explore the five parts of the right configuration of macro-control problem. The first part is an introduction, the main topic of this article describes the background, meaning and purpose to be achieved through research; second part of macro-control right allocation rights and the concept of macro-control interpretation. First, scholars of the right macro definition and macro analysis, combined with their own thinking, as well as macro-control on the macro-control concept of the right to interpret, and analyze the theoretical basis for generating macro-macro-control and "two a failure "of the relationship, then try the configuration of the macro-control right to make a definition; the third part is the right configuration of the foreign macro-control study. Through the United States, Germany and Japan, various macro-control study and comparative analysis of patterns obtained Women should learn from the experiences and lessons learned; fourth part is the right configuration of macro-control status and problems, through our major macro-control and configuration of the current status of macro-control empirical analysis, that the right configuration of the current macro-control problems, and analyze the causes of these problems; The fifth part is about improving macro-control right allocation of Legal Thinking. This chapter first analyzes the configuration of the current macro-control on the mainstream point of view, the analysis of macro-control should follow the basic principles of configuration based on the proposed macro-control in the right configuration of the basic framework.Historical practice has informed us that the market economy, stable and harmonious development is inseparable from the country's macro control, China's macro-control system and there are still many problems and deficiencies, so we need to discuss this issue in-depth research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Macro-control, The right of macro-control, Distribution, Market failure, Government failure
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