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An Analysis On Effects Of Information Resources Integration In Government Decision-making

Posted on:2008-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The information construction in our country is on the conversion form information resource construction to info resource management at present, there are many problems in information construction ,such as gross deficiency, low quality, configuration unbalance ,development finite ,flowed unfavorably ,system distempered, mechanism vague, standard disunity and so on, and the government affair is also incomplete ,information resource gather is repeated and hard to share, the degree of marketization and industrialization development is on the low side. In order to settle these standout problems, scientize information resource collection ,broaden information sharing, speed information flow, deepen information development, valid utilization, optimize configure and enhance the whole effect and synthesis benefit, the most important task we face is strengthening info resource management, advancing info resource conformity, realizing share and promoting info resource development and management walking up to an all-sided ,harmony and continuable way.The thesis is divided into four sections besides introduction.The first section tells us how to comprehend information resource conformity. The thesis first analyses the concept of the info resource ,then anatomize the extension and intension of its conformity, and pointed out the information resource conformity actually is using technical, the economical, the humanities method carries on the master plan to the information resource; In view of the fast development of information and the reality of information resource management system developing behind in our country ,it has analyzed the necessity of the information resource conformity ;It is a systemic engineering and in the conformity process it must follow the integrity, the scientific nature, the level, the optimization, dynamic, pointed, the moderation, efficient and so on eight principles, then carries on the conformity in this foundation to the information resource, it can satisfy the multiplication the information need of information user, realizes the information to rise in value, moreover it is advantageous to the optimized government information resource, raises the government service level, advantageous to the promotion macroscopic economy effective movement, and finally gets up the elimination information isolated island, realizes the information resource sharing goal.The second part elaborates the function of information resource conformity in government decision-making object. Obtaining from analyzing the concept of government decision-making, pointing out that the government decision-making is different from other policy-making characteristics, namely policy-making main body specific, policy-making object widespread and policy-making authority, and it has discussed the function of information resource conformity in the government decision-making on this foundation. Its function behaves in two aspects, one is information resource conformity helps to perfect the information foundation of government decision-making. In the first place, it alters the way of the delivering of government decision-making pattern, enhaces the fidelity of the decision-making information. In the second place, it can extend the resource of government decision-making information, improve the finite sense of decision-maker. The second is it helps to choose decision-making object. Firstly, it can analyse the venture, expense and income of government decision-making beforehand; Secondly, after information having been conformed, it can bring the actual effect and reality of information resource into play. Provide the foundation of the object of government decision-making.The third part elaborates the function of information resource conformity in government decision-making scheme .After the decision-making object having been confirmed, it must look after the way of realizing the object, then establish various plans for choosing, then choose the best one.The fourth part elaborates the function of information resource conformity in the performance and supervisal of government decision-making .The whole flow of government decision-making indicates the process from analysis to performance, but in fact ,in this process, it always "lose shape", mainly behaves in the following facets(1)The policy is only a form.(2)The policy is distorted.(3)The policy is broke up, and taken away on their demand.(4)The policy cannot be performed effectively. This phenomena weaken the leadership of our party, alienate the relationship between our party and the mass, and it is also harmful to the steady of our society. So we must strengthen performance and supervision of government decision-making. The information resource conformity helps to guarantee the policy being performed effectively, this is because the carries out information of the government administration is the dynamic reflection of the government decision-making execution situation. The information resource can help the administration department responsible for the work after the conformity, promptly to find the problem, analyses the question, solves the problem, and thereby prevents accidents before they occur, avoids the nonessential loss. The information resource conformity can supervise the performance of the policy effectively, it behaves in two aspects: the first one is after the information resource being conformed, it establishes a platform for information sharing, simplifies the channel of information feedback; computer network task the place of intermediate loop which decides the feedback of supervision, avoids the distortion of supervision information in the process of delivering, in the same time ,it enhances the communion between the supervisor and decision-maker, advances the government s reflect ability and the mass's ability to response. The second one is that the information resource conformity technology especially the network technology development can guarantee the inspector, general society public in particular to carry on the surveillance of the government decision-making execution situation through many kinds of ways.
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