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On The Scientification Of Investigative Tactical Decision-making

Posted on:2020-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596968963Subject:Public security
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Decision-making is the process of making decisions,and the investigation is carried out in the investigative decision-making.Improving the quality of investigative tactical decisionmaking is necessary for investigation department and investigators.Under the background of advocating scientific decision-making at present,the scientification of investigative tactical decision is of great significance to improve the effectiveness of investigation.This paper is divided into five parts to discuss the scientificization of investigative tactical decision-making.The first part is an overview.This paper expounds the concept and classification of investigative decision-making,the concept of investigative tactical decision-making and the concept of scientification of investigative tactical decision-making by combing the academic theories.On this basis,it is clear that the key to the scientification of investigative tactical decision-making is to apply scientific decision-making procedures to the formulation and implementation of investigative tactical decision-making so as to reduce the risk of arbitrariness and failure in investigation.The second part is to expound the characteristics of investigative tactical decision-making.From the perspectives of situational individuality,individual difference,relative urgency,dynamic risk,and flexibility,the investigative tactical decision-making is analyzed to deepen the understanding of investigative tactical decision-making.The third part is the establishment of investigative tactical decision,that is,how to put forward an effective investigation action plan.First of all,the matters of investigative tactical decision-making are briefly explained,so that it can be identified and analyzed more accurately.Secondly,through traditional methods such as scene investigation and social visit and informatization methods such as inquiring criminal investigation database,relevant decisionmaking information is fully obtained from four aspects including investigation intelligence,investigation resources,system norms and social background.Thirdly,the method of comparative analysis,correlation analysis and other analysis methods is used to analyze the suspects,crime facts,and related items involved in the case.Finally,it clarifies the content of the investigation action plan and puts forward the requirements of the investigation action plan,such as strong feasibility,moderate risk,clear responsibility,good benefit and so on.The fourth part is the execution of investigative tactical decision.Before implementation,we must prepare for the three aspects of personnel,materials,and procedures.In the implementation,we must follow the principle of unified command,legal behavior,accurate and timely,and flexible,and make corrections to the action plan based on the feedback of the implementation to ensure the effectiveness of the investigative tactics.The fifth part is the evaluation of the investigative tactics decision.After the implementation,the investigative tactics decision-making is evaluated from three aspects: legality,effectiveness and efficiency to further improve the decision-making ability and decision-making level of the investigators.
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