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The Study To Promoting The Government Trustworthiness Construction In China

Posted on:2008-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R T DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215472419Subject:Administrative Management
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With the gradually perfect of our Socialist Market Economy System and the improvement of democracy, trustworthiness—the ethical moral and political value to maintain the social basic order arouses people's deep thought on reality and theories.Trustworthiness, taken as the Chinese traditional morality, has been the focus value to prop up the whole social constructure."Without trustworthiness man can not be approved, one can not obtain success in profession, government must fail to govern the society."Trustworthiness is regarded as the basic element of being a great man, cultivation of morality, one's carrier, the government's policies success and foundation of a state. Among the whole trustworthy system, the government trustworthiness has been placed in a center position, and props up the construction of the social trustworthiness and the initial value.The government trustworthy behaviors set up a good example to the social trustworthiness, so its success and failure decide the developing the levels of other organizations and the direction of the trustworthiness for the whole society. If the government obeys and initiates trustworthiness, it will bring about good demonstration effect; On the contrast, if the government lacks trustworthiness, it will bring the bad effects, cause the whole society to fall into worse cycle, and become the catalyst of worsening the trustworthiness of the society. In addition, government trustworthy lack will reduce the people's trust toward government, bring the crisis of the government power legality and then shake the foundation of the governance and the government's disorder becoming worse. In a word, to promote the construction of government trustworthiness will be beneficial to the economic development, the society steady, the healthy development of democracy and the ruling ability of the Party in the new century to win the trust of people. And it will play an important role in constructing Socialist Harmonious Society. Through studying the realistic meaning , analyzing the present condition of trustworthy lack in government and exploring the basic causes of the trustworthy lack in administration process, we can search for the methods of promoting our Government Trustworthiness. In order to achieve this purpose, this paper researches thoroughly the ways to promote the construction of Government Trustworthiness.This paper is series research on the theories and practical problems of the construction of Government Trustworthiness. On the basis of the study results of other scholars home and abroad, this paper tries to combine theories with practice, use Marx Dialectical Materialism, adopt analysis, synthesis and comparison to research the appearance, reasons of trustworthiness lack and put forward the waysThe main body is combined by three parts. First, the concept and the theory foundation of Government Trustworthiness. This paper advances that Government Trustworthiness is the elementary request and principle of government administration, the intrinsic demand of administration for people. Promoting the Government Trustworthiness Construction is meaningful to build the Harmonious Society, improve the efficiency of administration, and promote the development of the state politics and economy. From four points, this paper analyzes the elements of Government Trustworthiness. Second, the analysis of the present conditions and the reasons of the government trustworthy lack in China. Government trustworthy lack has damaged seriously our country in many aspects. It brought about bad effects not only on the healthy development of the Socialist Market Economy, but also on the improvement of international competition after entering the WTO. This paper analyzes the present conditions deeply and points out the reasons. Third, analyzing the path to prmote the government trustworthy construction. This paper studies the trustworthiness on the six aspects,"strengthening the trustworthy education, transiting the function of government, pushing government affair opening, promoting government on law, impoving systematic construction and advancing trustworthy supervision". And this paper points out that to construct Government Trustworthiness is an enormous systematic project, needs to analyze theories deeply and continue exploring in practice.
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