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The Historical Study Of British Lawyers' Professionlism In The Middle Ages

Posted on:2008-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper believes that the British lawyers'system which is an important component of the British legal system have had a significant impact on the world, and even more on the China's system of lawyers. Max Weber thought , the lawyers played a decisive role to the capitalism and the establishment of rule of law. In a sense, the development of a country's lawyers'professional group decide the level of civilization.As an important component of the legal profession, the emergence of Lawyers and its professionalization is not only a legal phenomenon, but also a major social phenomenon. It appeared accompanied by social division. As Durkheim said : "division of labor is not just the economic sphere inherent. We can see its growing influence in very diffenent fields. Political, administrative and judicial functions specialized increasingly, which is the same as in the fields of art and science. "This explains why there so many academics who study the phenomenon.After being conquered by Norman in middle ages, several British kings strengthened central power. At the same time, its politic, economic and law were developed greatly. The British lawyer's professionalism was found in this period, and the class of lawyer professionalism appeared with obvious professionalism character .The full text is divided into three parts. The first part analyzes the background and conditions of the formalization of the Middle Ages British lawyers groups, and birefly summarizes the rise of Medieval European law on occupational class, the social developing background of medieval British community: Justice of centralization and specialization, the rise of judicial warrant and the judge occupational class, and the formation of common law legal system.The second part analyzes the Professional process of the British lawyers groups. Early legal counsel and agents, lawyers groups, the formation of professional conduct are also discussed.The third part studys the professionalism of the Middle Ages British lawyers roughly and longitudinally and at the same time analyzes the professional characteristics of British lawyers'Professinalism in the Middle Ages.
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