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Marx "Law And Religious Relations" Thought And Its Age Significance

Posted on:2008-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215487096Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The relation of law and religion is a very important part inMarx's philosophy system, among Mark's a lot of philosophy works, it is the main content, he criticizes the reality that the religiousintervenes politics and enjoys to high political position, andadvocates separation of religion from politics, strive for freedom, establishment and perfect democratic political theory and strengthenthe democratic construction and embodiment socialist essentialrequirement.This paper try to seek for the relation with law the differentexpression_in different country originatives from Marx. It Points outthat Mark's ideological that the influence and meaning of theAgainstting religious and advocating the thought of free ideologicaland pointing out view separation of religion from politics in modernsociety. The major minute of this paper becomes 3 parts:In the first part, it points out that the Marx origin of law andreligious thought. This part is major to elaborate Mark to thinktheoretical origin and the family background about law and religionthat thought produces, Particular have pointed out the selfconsciousness philosophy style of Greece, the law school of WesternEurope in the Middle Ages, German law school of the philosophy ofHegel and Feuerbaha's law and religious ideas Which are important toimpact of the formation, on Mark's "law and religion" the ideological, aspire to become a major source of the theory.In the second part, the paper reveals mark mainly to think thebasic content about the thought of law and religious relation. On theone hand, the paper have pointed out that Mark knew the essence oflaw and religion, on the other hand, the paper analyses Mark to thinkthe correlation for religion and law and country, article point out Mark especially think turn over religion, advocate the thought of viewseparation of religion from politics and the thought of freedom.In the third part, the paper points out partially that mark isthought about realistic meaning and the ideological theoretical valueof the relation of religion and law. especially it has aroused, in so oneof our multinational country, It is importance and the necessaries tohandle both relation correctly, suggests at this point that correcthandling is realistic as both concerns to ask, this concerns the stableunited and harmonious development of every nation and entirecountry.
Keywords/Search Tags:religion, law, union of politics and religion, freedom, separation of religion from politics, socialism
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