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The Study On Legal System Of Religion Freedom

Posted on:2007-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important component of human rights, the freedom of religion has been adopted by many international treaties and the constitutions of all democratic countries. However, this basic right is still not a practical right for all the citizens in China; Both the weak protection for the normal religion activities and slack restriction on abnormal religion activities effect the realization of freedom of religion in our country. This phenomenon mainly results from the defects on china's religion legal system and citizen's insufficient recognition to religion; This article tries to probe into this question from muti-aspects, such as the analyses on the religion's essence,the analyses of the constitution's value and the introduction of legislation experience from other countries on freedom of religion, we put forward that a effective way to realize the citizen's freedom of religion is to enforce the constitution and laws construction of religion.The article is composed of four chapters: the first chapter expatiates on the religion's social historical root and the essence of religion freedom; in the second chapter, the article discusses the constitution and laws' protection and restriction on the freedom of religion in some other countries; the third chapter analyses the china's religion condition and legislation actualities of constitution and laws on freedom of religion; last chapter discusses that on the way of realizing the freedom of religion, the practical way on the construction of constitution and other laws.From the legal-point study on the freedom of religion, we hope that the article can bring forward a theoretical and practical reference for the legal construction on freedom of religion in a country pursuing harmony and unification.
Keywords/Search Tags:freedom of religion, citizen's basic rights, the construction of religion system
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