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The Political Philosophy Of Cicero

Posted on:2008-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Cicero is depended on as one of "eternally glorious Roman", his name moment contact with Rome history together. But to his ample ideological system, people may eventually use one kind of disdainful sight to treat think that his book is a "big made dish", both there be no originality and have no appeal. Evidently, this valuation has being not just and sound enough.This dissertation tends to arrange and reappear Ciceronian ideological system systematically from politics philosophy angle, hope that people can "dabble in person" closely to previous label from having the new acquaintance among them to the cicero, but giving him no longer as simple as previously.In the first part, two big basis concepts of the Cicero politics philosophy——the natural law and the morality ethics thought.First to set forth the thought origin and its main school of the natural law, have discussed it's the germ in ancient Greece early phase natural philosophy state, especially Heraclitus to "logos " finding that is its initial formulation;And the Stos's school thought of the Human' natural nature the sense as the basis concept of the natural law.Especially the concept of the natural law about "everybody's natural equal "and"freedom",it also is the thought originates of Cicero's natural law.Then,priority has discussed the Ciceronian concept of natural law, has set off from natural law and as well as natural follow the relation fixing law with person of reason, request thinking that natural law is that person fixes law's work out principle, but the country obeys natural law also surely as the outcome that human being arranges.Testifying his inheriting to Siduoya school concept of natural law thereby is not to copy word for word copying simplely.Finally, this paper come to discuss cicero politics ethics characteristic secondly from the carding to tradition politics ethics thought, in thinking that his thought expressed by theory depends on the encouragement citizen has the courage to bear up the political life defending vigorous duty of republic, throwing the republic into actively.In second part—"Ciceronian republicanism politics philosophy", the article is two parts mark: The politics philosophy knowledge in terms of basis and cicero republicanism politics value embody cicero republicanism. In PartⅠ, the article has analysed the cicero property to country's definition nation, and the community who has discussed because of just and common benefit of country's origin but come into being first. Pass the analysis to Aristotle "community" thought secondly, come to discuss ancient Rome republicanism politics exceeding to ancient Greece city-state politics, think that Roman republicanism politics displays the obvious utilitarianism color. Value coming in PartⅡ, to discuss cicero republicanism politics mainly from politics justice, impartial, even harmony of society three categories, setting forth justice is the purpose there existing in Republic of Rome, society is its target impartially, even harmony is its means.In third part—"Ciceronian chapter citizens politics philosophy", the article divides the tripartite: The cicero citizen politics knowledge in terms of basis, cicero citizen politics philosophy value embody as well as civil politics and republicanism politics relation.In pateⅠ, it's first to discuss the "citizen Therory" of the Plato and Aristotle in ancient Greece city-state period,to probe into the conceptual evolution of "citizen" from ancient Greece to Rome republic period.Secondly, civil from Rome current situation analyses citizen politics that time philosophy characteristic with country's relation, germ thinking that this the period citizen politics is containing the individual liberalism. Finally, this part have analysed cicero criticizing to citizen politics current situation, especially to animadvert on the school of Epicurus,which their looked down upon political life. In PartⅡ, from free and equal angle, to discuss the thought of value which carries out by Cicero citizen politics. First,it has analysed development of civil rights consciousness and the Cicero cognition to civil rights; Then to discusse Cicero behaviour politics liberty in putting into practice about free right of citizen in politics; Finally,it has analysed the Ciceronian equal grade Taoist temple. In the partⅢ,it is to analys the Politics carries out relation from the citizen and the country on Ciceronian citizen politics and republicanism.The article has discussed the Cicero analysis to ancient Rome republicanism current sitttation, a important cause thinking that the citizen and the international relations change are that the trend becomes feeble and die lead to Rome republicanism, And he points out citizen politics value realization being unable to be seprated from republicanism politics support, mutual restraint showing concretely for the citizen to country's absolute obedience, civil rights and duty.In the partⅣ,"Cicero politics philosophy over future generations", is two parts mark. Discuss Rome mainly in PartⅠmarching from republicanism to the monarchy cause, think that the citizen marches from republicanism to the important cause becoming feeble and die with the international relations worsening, as well as the concept of natural law evolution is to lead to Rome. Impact of politics philosophy over future generations and contribution having discussed cicero and his mainly in PartⅡ.
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