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Jimi Stream From Politics To Official Politics

Posted on:2014-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a form of politics, the chieftains politics is between JiMi politics and flowofficer politics. Nearly a hundred years, the research of chieftains in China has madegreat achievements. From the regional perspective, the chieftains politics of JiaRongTibetan ought to become a hot spot region of chieftains research for its ownpeculiarity, for example, in the period of Yong and Qian of Qing dynasty, the nationallarge-scale " bureaucratization of native officers " historical background, thechieftains politics of JiaRong Tibetan is showing a relatively prosperous situation, theprofound reasons behind it is enough to cause the attention of the academiccommunity.The study is from the perspective of dialectical relationship between universalityand particularity, and takes the Marx dialectical materialism as the guidance, based onthe literature, by the methods of historical research methods, and absorb and learnfrom anthropology, geography, political science and other disciplines theory, theresearch paradigm and method, by a systematic depict of Jiarong Tibetan on itspolitical rise and fall, finally draws the conclusion of the study: in essence, thechieftains political system was a special political system. In a certain period of time,the chieftains politics has its rationality of existence, but from a long-term perspective,the chieftains politics show its transitional, in which cultural difference is the deepreason of the chieftains politics in JiaRong Tibetan exist for a long time in a certainperiod of time, and autocratic centralization of development and the inherentlimitation of the chieftains system itself is JiaRong Tibetan chieftains politicstransition of objective and subjective reasons. Based on the special circumstances ofborder area, the central government often take special construction that is differentfrom the ordinary administrative region, which is in accordance with the need to setup a chieftains government agencies at all levels. But because of this part of the"special" is fundamentally with the feudal dynasty "unified" political ideas in conflict,so as to the particularity is become more weaken, the central government will takesome measures to gradually realize the border area and the ordinary administrativeregion in the political system of assimilation, therefore, the " bureaucratization ofnative officers " is the inevitability of history, and chieftains politics move towardsflow officer politics is the inevitability of history.
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