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On The Function Of Non-profit Organization In The Public Service Government

Posted on:2009-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of market economy and the further deepening of globalization, the government pattern transformation already has become the focal point of the current theory and the practice. Change the traditional government taking on everything, and take plans instruction as a principal means of the administrative system, mold the based the public service government which takes citizen as the center and satisfies social public needs has become a consensus in the society. The construction of public service government is a new concept of governance which in accordance with the socialist market economy and in reply people's urgent need. The construction of public service government is the embodiment the scientific development concept and an important way of achieving social harmony. However, the construction of public service government is a systematic project, it needs not only the transformation of government functions, but also the reasonable definition of the responsibility of the Government to achieve. Then, the realization of this goal needs the active participation of the social organizations outside the Government,. The Non-profit Organizations such as social organizations and an important force impel Chinese traditional government-type services to the transformation of the government plays a crucial role.Because The Non-profit Organizations are non-profit and voluntary, coupled with its new organizational structure and mode of operation, they can display the advantageous superiority in the social security. First of all, the Non-profit Organizations can satisfy the needs of the public goods and public services in different levels, and ensure fairness and efficiency at the same time; Second, the Non-profit Organizations are close to the basic unit, and they can build up a good public relations with the public, and they obtain the community the widespread approval, thus promotion society harmony and stable. At the same time the Non-profit Organizations ranging from between the government and the public, they have more stable and direct government channels of communication than the public, and they have a better understanding of the public demand than the government. Therefore, the Non-profit Organizations often can collect the universal demand of the public into a voice transmission to the Government, thus affect the formulation of government policy, or they directly design the project plan which can solve needs of the public, for reference by the Government or for the Government funding support. The public can also through the Non-profit Organizations to understand the Government's policy and information. Next, the Non-profit Organization takes both overcomes the market malfunction and the government malfunction, and adapts with the modern market system and the state form, they realize the sustainable development, can provide the highly effective high quality public product and the collective services. Finally, the Non-profit Organization is one kind of innovation organization, the internality are highly resilient, they can undertake the risk. The series superiorities of Non-profit Organization had guaranteed the establishment of Public Services government, it not only may help to achieve the government serviceability development, but also may accommodate the transfer of government functions, and, as one of the government reform "catalyst" and "facilitator".The building of the Public Service Government requests to display the functions of the Non-profit Organizations, they can make up government's insufficiency, reduce the act of government risk, maintain society's harmony and the stability. Now the Non-profit Organizations gradually as role which mobilize social resources, and help solve social crises. As the Public service government is the limited government. The government cannot depend upon itself to provide the society merely the public diverse, the personalized demand, facing each kind of social question which emerges one after another incessantly, the government cannot depend upon itself to solve completely merely, needs the Non-profit organization to play the essential role in the social resource disposition. At the same time because the Non-profit Organizations are spontaneous, voluntary, and have other characteristics, they solve social problems, provide public services opened up a space. It made up for the market failure and government failure in the public service system, collaborate with the Government. Moreover, the Non-profit Organizations play a vital role in restricting government power, supporting the management and promoting social coordination. At the same time, the Non-profit Organizations also have functions, such as assisting the management, and promoting the transformation of government; nurture democratic values, promote social harmony role. However, due to historical and practical reasons, the Non-profit Organizations in our country are still in the developing, the relative abroad those more mature system of non-profit organizations, regardless of innovation in their own organizations or in the external environment have a lot of shortcomings. They need a long process to achieve its function.In view of the constraints of development of the Non-profit Organization, this article attempted to put forward Chinese Non-profit Organizations improve Suggestions. First of all, formulate and improve related laws and regulations, the development of Chinese Non-profit Organizations to create a good environment, encouraging innovation and development of the Non-profit Organizations. Second, in view of the Non-profit Organizations, we encourage to introduce the assessment mechanism and the mechanism of competition, to strengthen public relations organizations to enhance organizational efficiency, to enhance the credibility of the organization to promote, thus enhances the management level of our Non-profit Organizations, and promotes its healthy and development. Third, encourage and cultivate people's awareness of volunteerism and charity, unify the moral education and the voluntary act, unifies the press campaign and the wish thought. Encourage the folk directly or indirectly serves for the social supplies public goods, provides the energetic power and the intellectual support for our country Non-profit organization's development. will be thinking of journalism and propaganda and the voluntary unity, directly or indirectly, to encourage civil society for the supply of public goods and services for non-profit organizations in China provide spiritual impetus and intellectual support. Finally, consummates own surveillance system and makes its internal management agencies, scientific, professional. And improve the quality of the staff in the Non-profit Organizations, foster cohesion and the organizational culture, improve the supervision through ethics, competition, and the external supervision and the effectiveness of non-profit organizations. Thus create a good environment for development of the Non-profit Organizations.
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