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Analysis On The Rights Protection Of CPC Membership In The New Period

Posted on:2009-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245460774Subject:Political Theory
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For a long time, our party attaches great importance to inner-party democracy-building, protection of the rights of Party members of the inner-party democracy as an important part of the building, the building of the theory of inner-party democracy has been the improvement and development. In the new historical period, as the party's status changes, the ranks of party members constitute a change of party members as a whole the increase in awareness of rights and the market economic system continuously improved and protect the democratic rights of party members to expand inner-Party democracy has increasingly become an urgent requirement.The protection of the right New Era party members have made certain achievements, but there are still some problems, such as the party's right to know, the right to vote, such as the right to supervise the implementation of the problem is not in place. The existence of these problems are objective reasons, such as the party behind some of the ideas and habits of thought exist, the rights of Party members of the security system is not perfect, imperfect mechanisms for environmental and social impact. These affect the rights of Party members for the full realization of issues, from creating the right environment, the quality of training party members and democracy, improve the inner-party democracy system and the establishment of the party regulations, and the assessment mechanism, and other areas to protect the rights of Party members on the issue of countermeasures. Hope that through these measures can bring about the implementation of the rights of Party members and give full play, the further development of inner-party democracy.
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