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Study On Land Reclamation Law

Posted on:2009-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our country is vast in territory, but compares with the multitudinous populations, also is a land resource quite deficient country. Our country's average per person land area number and average per person cultivated area number, all not to world mean value 1/3 . Along with the socialist construction enterprise fast development, all quarters facing the land resource demand rapid increase, many people and little land contradiction can exceptionally be prominent, the land resource scarce pressure, already became our country society and an economical development significant restriction factor. On the one hand our country human contradictory incisive, on the other hand has the massive lands the phenomenon which destroys and leaves uncultivated for a long time, including the very major part to be possible to restore the use, so far, these lands have not obtained the very good improvement use. The development land reclamation work, to the land which destroys is carried on the improvement, makes it to restore to may supply the again use the condition, according to the different situation, separately provides to the agriculture, the forest, the herd, the fishing, the industrial production and the city and countryside construction use, to alleviates the farming supply and demand contradictory is extremely essential without doubt.The so-called land reclamation is refers to the land which damages to each kind of artificial activity and the natural disaster to restore for the land expectation use value and the ecological environment activity, including the land improvement project, the land improvement biological measure, the reclamation land landscape ecology restores, the land ecosystem biodiversity, the land quality and the land productive efficiency and the benefit restoration and so on. Our country land reclamation begins in the 20th century for 50's.Is following the state economy development, because some industry and mining enterprise the construction and the production massive destruction land, starts spontaneously the land reclamation, later gradually will obtain all levels of government's value, started organized land reclamation. For many years, in the central committee and under the local all levels of government's leadership, the land reclamation has obtained certain result. Through the land reclamation, increased the farming to accumulate, alleviated the human contradictory, improved the ecological environment, has realized the land resource sustainable use. After the State Council in 1989 implemented "Land Reclamation Stipulation", our country's land reclamation work integrated the legal system track, the land reclamation work has received all levels of governments, the department concerned and people's value gradually. Hereafter, National People's Congress departments and so on standing committee, State Council, State Planning Commission, economic committee, Ministry of Water Conservation, Ministry of Finance, coal ministry, Metallurgy Department, environmental protection bureau, land bureau have formulated successively and revised and the mining area land reclamation, the environmental protection, the conservation of water and soil related law, the laws and regulations and the rules and regulations, like "Land Control law", "Mineral resource Law", "Environment Protection method", "Chinese 21st century Populations, Environment And Development White paper" and "Coal Law", "Railroad Law". The national 25 provincial level people's government has formulated "Land Reclamation Stipulation Implementation Means", many cities, the county also unified the local actual situation to formulate "Land Reclamation Policing method". In 1999 our country has promulgated newly "Land Control law", has also made the special stipulation to the land reclamation, but our country's land reclamation legislative work because develops quite late, the existing land reclamation law waits for the further consummation, the Chinese land reclamation reality urgent needs to have the one whole set perfect adaptation time demand land reclamation legal framework, promotes our country's land reclamation work.This article is for the purpose of studying the land reclamation method production development, the land reclamation method basic system, puts forward a proposal in the model overseas advanced experience foundation for our country's land reclamation legislative work consummation. This article divides into five parts, the first part has analyzed our country land resource stern situation and introduced the land reclamation related knowledge. The second part introduced the land reclamation method production and the development. The third part introduced land reclamation method some main systems. The fourth part passed on the world advanced countries land reclamation legislative work aspect experience. The fifth part has thoroughly analyzed our country land reclamation legislative work existence question, and proposed in this foundation to our country's land reclamation legislative work a series of suggestions, namely the consummation land reclamation legislation, compose the land reclamation to plan and to guarantee the effective implementation, the establishment and the consummation land reclamation fund system, the development land reclamation fund channel, the advancement land reclamation management system perfection, formulates the reasonable land reclamation .Policy and the system, the formulation science reasonable land reclamation standard, establishment and the consummation land reclamation earnest money system.
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