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Law Enforcement And The Construction Of The Ability Of Land And Resources In Agricultural Reclamation

Posted on:2020-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575476195Subject:Public Administration
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Heilongjiang reclamation area has experienced a steady growth period,a period of rapid development,a period of steady progress and a substantial period of reform.It can be predicted that after the baptism of land reclamation reform,Beidahuang Group will surely travel light and usher in a new era of reform after it has removed the " heavy burden" of administrative functions.Tracing back to its source.?preparing for a rainy day and understanding the features of land management in reclamation areas;analyzing the characteristics of land law enforcement in reclamation areas,clarifying the necessity of illegal land use in reclamation areas,and looking forward to the future of land supervision in reclamation areas should be said to be imminent.Taking Mudanjiang Administration Bureau of State Farms as an example,this paper analyzes the internal and external causes of " intestinal obstruction" in the actual law enforcement work,and analyzes the law enforcement ability of state farms from the following aspects: illegal characteristics of state farms,law enforcement ability and analysis effect of state farms,obstacles affecting the law enforcement ability of state farms.Finally,the paper puts forward some suggestions and countermeasures for reclamation area reform and adaptation after the reform.The specific research contents and conclusions are as follows:(1)Based on the data of land law enforcement,the illegal characteristics of land reclamation are revealed.In recent years,Mudanjiang Management Bureau of Land Reclamation has sorted out the main illegal land subjects,types of land occupied,types of illegal land,trend of fines and confiscation,and key work scope,established a theoretical framework and data basis for one class of land in the reclamation area,and summarized the characteristics of illegal land enforcement in Heilongjiang reclamation area,i.e.dispersion of illegal areas,specificity of land occupied,singleness of punishment methods,and concentration of illegal periods.(2)Based on the composition of law enforcement personnel and equipment allocation,the law enforcement ability and effect of land reclamation were analyzed.Through statistical analysis of the composition of law enforcement personnel,the number of people trained,the analysis of equipment supply,and the processing of clues,this paper makes a profound analysis of the land reclamationcapacity and effect.At present,the age distribution of land law enforcement personnel in reclamation areas is unbalanced,their academic qualifications are generally low,and their insurance benefits are unbalanced.Although the scale and scope of training sessions are on the rise year by year,the effect is remarkable,However,there are still some problems,such as large mobility of the trained personnel and low professional agreement.In recent years,the reclamation area has been provided with sufficient law enforcement equipment.Each sub-bureau is equipped with computers,cameras,law enforcement recorders and dynamic RTK.The sub-bureau level supervisory agencies are equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles,but the number of law enforcement vehicles is slightly small and cannot meet the daily actual workload.(3)Based on the internal and external obstacles of land law enforcement in reclamation areas,countermeasures and suggestions are put forward to improve land law enforcement in reclamation areas.Taking the institutional and land reclamation reform as an opportunity to cut in,timely transformation and early intervention will be carried out from cultivating the law enforcement capability of a single land to cultivating the concept of comprehensive natural resources law enforcement in planning,forestry,grassland,water area and land.Strengthen the cohesion of the team,improve the cohesion of law enforcement personnel,mobilize the enthusiasm of a team,strengthen the construction of soft and hard environment for law enforcement,and attach importance to the " spirit of contract" ?the cultivation of " craftsman spirit".According to the actual situation(reclamation period,high proportion of arable land,agricultural services,etc.),simplify the law enforcement procedures,oil painting approval process,expensive fine to numerous,break the barriers to approval,through the barriers to law enforcement.
Keywords/Search Tags:land law enforcement, capacity building, Heilongjiang reclamation area, Mudanjiang reclamation area
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