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Suggestions On Optimizing The State-owned Land-use Right Granting Policy

Posted on:2008-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our country land use system reformation is being guided by the economic value realizing land sufficiently and taking market economy as background,on concrete system Our country land use system reformation have experienced from not parting of Land proprietary right and land-use right to parting,from land gratuitous,no a time limit and no market-oriented to land is compensable,a time limit and market-oriented.That among them,state-owned land-use right is sold is the core that our country land system reforms, do not hesitate to our country land-use right sell already have got notable achievement,but have still had relevance system being badly in need of improvement.(1)how to perfect the way of sell hanging out shingle;(2)how to make an explanation of the contract of land-use right.(3)how to norm the right of calling back the land-use right early.(4)how to definite the function of rememberment system in selling of land-use right.The main body of a book is advocated:first,to perfect land-use right hanging out shingle selling way is from canceling restrict the improper condition competing to buy person qualification to announce the sufficient publication.Second,Owing to the the basal principle of contract the contract of land-use right selling is an administration contract but is not a civil contract,so the lawful rights and interests of the land-use right buyer can be defended by the administrative lawsuit approach.Once again,the rational boundary of common benefit should be definited from entity to procedure when the country calls back land-use right in shifting to an earlier date.Finally,the position and effect of rememberment behavior should be cleared in selling in state-owned land-use right,and the way to protect creditor's rights must be shifted to protect ownership through rememberment behavior.
Keywords/Search Tags:State-owned land-use right business, Hanging out shingle, The contract of land-use right business, Shift to an earlier date calling back land-use right, Rememberment
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